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Black Lives Matter. These Organizations Need Our Support.

Here are some of the policy instutitions, bail funds, and media outlets fighting for antiracism and social justice.

June  2, 2020
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Black Lives Matter. We at Food52 are devastated by the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Dreasjon Reed, and so many others. This coverage stands in solidarity with the Black community. We hope that it will serve as a helpful and important resource to further antiracism work in our community.

In the wake of the horrific injustices we've seen towards the Black community—particularly, in the last few weeks—we stand united in the fight against anti-Blackness and systemic racism in our country. Silence is complicity.

We recognize, however, that we must first look at ourselves as a company, and that we have work to do to put our words into definitive, antiracist action. We are committed to continual self-examination, to listening, and to educating ourselves to do better and be better—not just today, but every day after, too.

For now, here are some helpful resources we're turning to for both education and where to send donations. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and we'll continue to add to it as we learn about more organizations who need our support. We hope this comment section can raise awareness for any other meaningful organizations you don't see on this list—please mention them below, and our editors will update accordingly.

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Top Comment:
“Would love to see what charities around young black Americans and food/cooking we can support. If you need more suggestions please feel free to reach out to me as a board member of the New York Urban League and a huge fan of you all. ”
— Teresa W.

We will continue to share resources in support of the Black community all week—spotlighting its small business owners, authors, and creators—as well as educational literatures on antiracism work.

Organizations to Support & Direct Donations


  • Movement for Black Lives. Group of organizations "creating a shared vision and policy agenda to win rights, recognition, and resources for Black people."
  • Campaign Zero. Research-based policy solutions to end police brutality in America.
  • The Conscious Kid. "Education, research and policy organization dedicated to reducing bias and promoting positive identity development in youth."
  • The Equal Justice Initiative. Legal advocacy organization working to end mass incarceration and racial injustice in the U.S.
  • The Antiracism Research & Policy Center. Mission: "examine racial problems anew, innovate and broadcast practical policy solutions, and work with policymakers to implement them."

Social Justice

  • Black Lives Matter. Global organization working to end white supremacy and the oppression of Black communities.
  • NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Civil rights organization working against race-based discrimination and toward political, educational, social, and economic equality.
  • Reclaim the Block. Coalition advocating for Minneapolis to "divest from policing and invest in long-term alternatives."
  • Southern Poverty Law Center. Legal advocacy organization fighting bigotry and hate.
  • Black Women's Blueprint. Nonprofit organization empowering Black women and girls and breaking down gender and race barriers.
  • Showing Up for Racial Justice. "National network of groups and individuals working to undermine white supremacy and to work toward racial justice."


Bail Funds

Comprehensive lists of bail funds, supporting protesters across the country, can be found here, here, and here. You can donate to those specific groups or split a single donation. Also consider supporting The Bail Project, a nonprofit working to "prevent incarceration and combat racial and economic disparities in the bail system."

Below, a few of the funds that are seeking critical and ongoing support.

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On Black & Highly Flavored, co-hosts Derek Kirk and Tamara Celeste shine a light on the need-to-know movers and shakers of our food & beverage industry.

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Laura W. June 7, 2020
I have been a Food52 follower since the beginning and I remember a few years ago when a similar dust up happened after Amanda and Merrill published a letter saying that inclusivity, diversity and social/political topics were much needed and they were committed to that mission...and there were just as many "clutch the pearls" outraged voices threatening to unfollow and demanding to know why a "recipe site" had to ruin everything by being political...I would hazard a guess a few of those folks soon returned quietly with their tails between their is political because it is...and if you don't want it to be for you, then yes sure, unfollow and go somewhere else...I, for one, LOVE Food52 and have come across many ideas and thoughts about food and politics that I was unaware of...and I am thankful...I will NOT be unfollowing...I strongly support your continued mission to push the conversation forward...and sorry but when I see the words "sheeple" and "George Soros funded", all credibility is lost...
davis P. June 7, 2020
Thank you for using your platform and privilege to stand up for what is right, and to share important information. I've always enjoyed this site for the recipes and articles, but for this you've really earned my respect. For those who think that racism is somehow unrelated to food and food culture, I just hope you will try to learn more about this country's history. ...There is a lot of crazy on the internet right now, I'm glad to find Food52 is among the clear-minded.
Marina M. June 7, 2020
Thank you thank you thank you. It has always been a pleasure doing business with you. Now we have even more reason to feel this way. It is time for our beloved country to take a rest from the guilt and pain caused by institutional racism; we must identify it, name it, see it for what it is doing to damage our shared dream. Stay the course!
arcane54 June 7, 2020
Thank you for standing up for Black Lives Matter. I appreciate you using this platform (and risking the criticism I read here). Food is culture and identity, as well as delight and sustenance.
PRuby June 7, 2020
I am so proud of Food52 for taking a stand, and for providing these links. Racism is embedded in a culture. It is not separate from any part of it, food included. So more power to you at Food52 for having the courage to educate, for being witnesses to the destructiveness of racism, and for being willing to call it out.
Smaug June 7, 2020
Can't get canned tomatoes, can't get canned beans. Apparently canned worms are still in good supply.
Brinda A. June 8, 2020
Hi Smaug, do you mind clarifying what you mean here? Would be great to know as we address community feedback.
Smaug June 8, 2020
It seems pretty clear, but since you seem to want an opinion, here's one- it took some courage for the editors to open this particular can of worms. Whether it was advisable would be another opinion, and you only get one for free.
Jennifer K. June 8, 2020
The can of worms was opened nearly 400 years ago.
Smaug June 8, 2020
Prejudice and man's inhumanity to man go back way, way farther than that. It does seem that the notions of competence, common decency and the like as political issues is more particular to our times.
Brinda A. June 9, 2020
Your statement actually wasn't super clear, which is why I asked for a clarification! Thanks for explaining. We're proud of the content we published here and stand in support with the Black community. We hope our contribution and ongoing commitment to diversity sparks a larger conversation within our readership base and creates real systemic change across our industry.
Lalanya L. June 6, 2020
Systematic Racism is Not an opinion, it is a fact of life. Businesses working to make a more diverse workplace, product & lifestyle are the perfect ways to combat institutionalized racism that has existed for centuries.
Kathleen J. June 7, 2020
Because more African Americans are murdered by police, per capita, than any other group. Systemic racism is not about the actions of some individuals. It is about the access POC have to every institution and right in our society. Black on black crime is at least in part, internalized racism.
Rosalind P. June 5, 2020
Time to say thank you again. Just thank you.
Michelle June 5, 2020
Thank you for this.
Jennifer K. June 4, 2020
One thing that concerns me deeply is the fact of “food deserts” in largely black and working class communities. When I was teaching in a Boston school, I used to bring healthy fruits for my students. Many of them said they never had these common fruits at home. After doing some investigation I learned why.
Is there anything your wonderful company can do to change this situation?
Dionna June 4, 2020
Tammy H. June 4, 2020
Thank you. Your effort is appreciated.
PRuby June 4, 2020
Thank you for your thoughtful comments, and thank you for the list of resource. Your response makes me proud to be associated with Food52.
Clara June 4, 2020
If there are more people like me then you will make back your contribution over and over. I can more easily justify my purchases, and for bigger amounts, when it is from a company that has moral values. Thank you for all that you are doing!
Rosalind P. June 4, 2020
Thank you for this initiative. It is a great example of how every single aspect of our lives is part of the picture and part of the solution. All of the programs or organizations you mention are doing critical -- and most importantly -- empowering work. Because unless people are empowered, no work on the margins makes any -- any -- real difference. The charities, the programs, the praying have to be embedded in a movement for change, and in this country, still [and who knows how long this continue to be true] that can happen only when we have leadership in our democratic government that brings the full power of the democratic society to bear, once and for all on this. When I am chastised -- don't make this partisan! -- I try to remember that all great progress and change in this country was effected by extreme partisanship: the Revolution; the end of slavery; the Progressive Era; the New Deal; civil rights and voting rights revolutions; marriage equity. Two of these momentous transitions were led by Republicans. I hope these last points don't breach your code of conduct; I would rather leave it up and provoke a conversation. But back to your initiatives here: thank you for them! The spirit of Food52 has always felt just like the principles you enunciate in taking those actions.
Irma June 4, 2020
Bravo!! Food52!!
OldGrayMare June 4, 2020
One of the most urgent needs would be support to bail funds. And tha k you for helping further this conversation. Black lives DO indeed matter!
Chocolate B. June 3, 2020
Kudos to Food52! Thanks for doing this.
Teresa W. June 2, 2020
This is a wonderful effort. Would love to see what charities around young black Americans and food/cooking we can support. If you need more suggestions please feel free to reach out to me as a board member of the New York Urban League and a huge fan of you all.
hungryheart June 2, 2020
An old classmate of mine has an initiative at See more info and donate @moonlightwellness (Instagram). She is making beautiful, nutritious, free meals for Black Los Angelenos.
Renuka A. June 2, 2020
Thank you for this thoughtful and comprehensive list. I have donated to several of the organizations you identified. We need to unite and demand changes. Black Lives Matter
Brinda A. June 2, 2020