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September 21, 2011

Your Best Root Vegetables!

Between now and next Thursday at midnight, we want to see Your Best Root Vegetable Side. For more details and to enter the contest, go here.

With our new biweekly contest schedule, a number of you requested that we give you a bit more time for entries. We hear you! That's why we're announcing the contest today instead of Friday.

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    Merrill Stubbs
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AntoniaJames September 21, 2011
So when you say "Thursday at midnight" do you mean the midnight that's between Thursday and Friday, or the one between Wednesday and Thursday? 12:00 AM Thursday usually means the midnight that is before Thursday morning. Just trying to figure this out . . . . Thank you. ;o)
Merrill S. September 22, 2011
We mean by 11:59pm Thursday -- sorry for any confusion!
aargersi September 21, 2011
Yum I love roots - but my world just tilted and I had a brief "Yay! It's Friday! No ... wait ... what?" moment.
Panfusine September 21, 2011
yep.. the contest announcement skewed my time frame for a minute!