A Saucy, Lemony One-Pan Salmon to Remind You Spring Is Here

Bright, seasonal flavors abound in this very-versatile salmon from A Cozy Kitchen.

May 19, 2021

We’ve partnered with Imagery Wine Collection—a portfolio of unique, artistically inspired wines—to share the salmon dish Adrianna Guevara Adarme (aka A Cozy Kitchen) will be making all spring long: a flavor-packed, pan-seared number that doubles as a showstopping dinner and refreshing next-day meal.

With winter in the rearview mirror (see ya in November, hearty soups and filling stews) and spring in full bloom, there is a bounty of bright and fresh ingredients that I’m excited to be savoring again. Pea pesto pasta, portobello burgers, and produce-packed spinach enchiladas have all made appearances in my kitchen so far this season, but my latest go-to is this one-pan salmon dish with a lemony olive and cherry tomato sauce.

Making this salmon is incredibly rewarding because it calls for just a small list of simple ingredients that can be put together in 30 minutes, but has the sophisticated flavors (and looks) of a restaurant-quality meal. It also happens to pair perfectly with some of my favorite wines from Imagery Wine Collection. A few tips to keep in mind as you’re cooking: It’s best to bring the salmon to room temperature, as well as preheat the pan, before you get going. This not only helps ensure the fish won’t stick to the pan, but it’ll also create a nice sear and crispy skin—both of which make for a prettier final result.

While the salmon is the main star of this dish, the lemony olive and cherry tomato sauce is the supporting character with a bubbly personality. The briny acidity of Castelvetrano olives combined with the richness of the butter and tangy-sharp lemon juice creates a solid foundation upon which to build little pops of flavor—like bright bursts of cherry tomato and fresh Italian parsley.

To make the most of this sauce, I find that letting the butter thicken really brings out the best in the rest of the ingredients. As you cook the tomatoes, their juice will give the sauce a rosy color that complements the salmon. When plating it all up, I like to place the salmon in the center of the dish and carefully drizzle the sauce over top for bonus presentation points (use a dish with a bit of a lip to hold in all that saucy goodness). An extra sprinkle of chopped parsley wouldn’t hurt, either, but I like to keep any extra garnishes minimal so that the colors of the salmon and sauce really stand out on the plate.

I’ll usually serve it alongside a smooth Pinot Noir—the wine’s layered fruit notes work nicely with the fattiness of the salmon and zippy sauce—though a glass of your favorite white wine, like Imagery Wine Collection Chardonnay, would also be good here.

One of my goals this year is to fall in love with leftovers, and the best part of this dish is the next-day meal you can make with any salmon you’ve still got left. I’m longing for a trip back to France once we can travel again, so this spin on a traditional Niçoise salad is a delicious reminder while I dream of packing my bags.


A Niçoise salad is the ultimate springtime lunch or dinner: refreshing and unfussy, yet totally satisfying. Here, all you need are fingerling potatoes, boiled eggs, green beans, and a tangy vinaigrette—all of which you can whip up in mere minutes. While Niçoise salad typically has tuna as its protein of choice, the crispy salmon adds a little twist. For a laid-back lunch or weeknight dinner, I’d pour a crisp and floral Chardonnay to go with; the pairing transports me to a dreamy outdoor patio in Nice (even though I’m stuck at home). If you’re into more citrus-forward wines, a glass of Imagery Wine Collection Sauvignon Blanc would be just as nice.

To make the whole meal feel a bit more special, I’ll serve this salad on a pretty oblong platter and give each ingredient its own section (instead of tossing it all together) so that everything gets to shine. Plus, it creates a sort of color-blocking effect that looks really beautiful—trust me, you’ll want to snap a pic before you dig in. One tip: If you’re eating right away, go ahead and dress the salad, but if you’re prepping it ahead of time, keep the dressing on the side so the ingredients maintain their freshness and crunch.


What are your go-to spring dishes? Tell us in the comments!

We've partnered with Imagery Wine Collection—makers of creative, flavorful wines perfect for pairing—to share delicious wine and food combos ready for the season. From this restaurant-worthy salmon dish (that makes for top-notch leftovers) to a spring-ready salad you can riff on all sorts of ways, these dishes taste even better with Imagery Wine Collection wines. Order their jammy Pinot Noir, crisp Chardonnay, and citrus-forward Sauvignon Blanc for all your wine-and-food pairings this season. Delivery’s a cinch—just pick out your favorite Imagery Wine Collection wines here and have ‘em sent straight to your door.

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Anwar A. May 20, 2021
I didn't know I have to pre heat the pan first! my salmon always sticks to the pan lol. that was helpful thank you <3