A Spring-Ready Vodka Soda That’s Anything but Basic

Think there's not much to this staple sip? Try this seasonal twist.

March 24, 2021

We've teamed up with Belvedere Vodka—the product of 600 years of Polish vodka-making tradition—to bring you a classic drink makeover that's primed for warm weather. Meet the Belvedere Spring Bloom: a citrusy, herby take on vodka soda. Since Belvedere's made with Polska rye and purified water, and distilled by fire—with no sugar or other additives—it'll complement the drink's fresh, clean flavors.

Want to shake it up at home? Have all the ingredients delivered to your doorstep in one handy Cocktail Courier kit, including a grow-your-own herb jar to keep those garnishes coming all season long.

As far as food goes, I'm always a sucker for the classics: a cheeseburger with fries; freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk; spaghetti and meatballs. They’re dependable, built to last, and enjoyable no matter how many times you go back to them.

The same holds true for cocktails—an ice-cold vodka soda with a healthy wedge of lime, sipped outside on a patio as the sun is setting, is as much a part of summer as drives to the beach and oversized bottles of SPF.

That said, there’s no reason to fear experimenting with an old favorite, especially when it comes to your best-loved sips. And since spring and summer offer so many incredible ingredients—in the form of just-picked produce and bright herbs—there's tons of opportunities to jazz up your cocktails. (Think: muddled mint, fresh-fruit shrubs, and rosemary that's been toasted a bit over a small flame.) With Earth Day right around the corner, why not capitalize on all the greenery goodness that our gardens have to offer?

The vodka soda is pretty unimpeachable—simple to make, refreshing in hot temps, and practically impossible to screw up. But it can be so much more than just a two or three-ingredient warm-weather staple.

This spring, I'm giving my usual vodka soda an easy upgrade with a few tweaks to make it feel a bit more special and intentional. To quote Sophia from The Golden Girls, picture it: vodka, of course; the fizz of club soda; honey syrup for a touch of sweetness (it's a bit more complex than typical simple syrup); fresh rosemary for piney notes; and lavender salt to dress up the rim (you can also sprinkle it directly over the finished drink).

The ingredients may not be hard to find, but instead of spending time running to the grocery store or whipping up a batch of honey syrup, I'd rather have everything right at my fingertips with the Belvedere Spring Bloom kit from Cocktail Courier. (Bonus: It comes with a grow-your-own herb jar—with rosemary seeds—perfect for garnishing your next cocktail.)

Also, if you’re stumped on what to send friends and family for a birthday or other big occasion, a cocktail kit is an extremely handy gift to have in your arsenal. (Festive and aesthetically pleasing, with no personal details required.)

The moment we’ve been craving all winter is here, and you can almost hear the lawn mowers revving up and sprinklers being opened in anticipation. And when the time comes to kick back with a refreshing drink, you’ll be prepared—cocktail shakers in hand, ingredients on the bar cart, and windows thrown open, inviting all that warmth in.

In partnership with Belvedere Vodka—an all-natural premium vodka crafted by master rye distillers—we're sharing an easy-breezy way to spruce up the classic vodka soda. Using the Belvedere Spring Bloom kit from Cocktail Courier, you can stir up a twist on the classic, featuring honey syrup, fresh rosemary, and lavender salt for the rim. It's exactly what we'll want to be sipping all season long—and beyond. For more spring cocktail inspiration, follow @belvederevodka.

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