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16 Fresh, Floral, and Fruity Summer Wreaths to Make or Buy

Wreaths aren't just for holiday season, anymore.

May 10, 2021
Photo by Bobbi Lin

Now that spring is here, our eyes are on summer. With just a taste of warm weather, we’re already dreaming of the shining sun, glistening pools, abundant produce—and stunning, colorful flowers. And while a bouquet in a vase is a classic way to showcase such vibrant florals, we like to get a little more creative here.

The wreath, which may be filed away in your mind as a holiday season-only decoration, is a beautiful, dynamic way to celebrate nature’s bounty any time of year. With sunflowers, hydrangeas, and lavender blooming during the hotter months, we encourage you to either buy a summer wreath or craft one yourself to spread summery joy around your home.

To Make

1. Sunflowers & Rustic Ribbon

Adorned with a burlap bow and twine, this sunflower wreath feels like August on a lush farm.

2. Everything Is Peachy

Juicy stone fruit is one of the most delicious aspects of summer, and thus should be honored in wreath form.

3. Hydrangea, Lavender & Eucalyptus

Like an English garden in July, sweet pink hydrangeas meet fragrant lavender and eucalyptus.

4. Like Riding a Bike

It simply doesn’t get more summer than using bicycle spokes as the base for a floral wreath.

5. Hot Pink Peonies

From deep fuchsia to pale blush, a harmonious medley of pink hues defines this peony piece.

6. Wild, Wild

Imagine strolling barefoot through a meadow of wildflowers. That’s the sensation this natural wreath evokes.

7. When Life Gives You Lemons…

While you could certainly make a cold pitcher of lemonade with a bunch of ripe yellow lemons, this leafy wreath seems like a better use of them.

8. Poppy Hoop

For a more modern look, grab a golden hoop and attach a bevy of peach-colored poppies.

To Buy

9. Sunny Dried Flowers

Photo by Williams Sonoma

Swirling bunches of air-dried tansy are on offer with this sunny wreath made in Washington state.

10. Bleached Daisies

Photo by Terrain

This neutral wreath combines integrifolia, ammobium, and larkspur for a calming look.

11. All Lavender

Photo by Urban Outfitters

Made of just dried lavender, this simple wreath might as well be a souvenir from Provence.

12. Marigold Mania

Photo by Rocky Luten

In sunset shades of orange and yellow, marigolds and herbs grace this California-made wreath.

13. Farmer’s Market Haul

Photo by Williams Sonoma

Botanicals like blue lavender, purple Mexican sage, and orange safflowers come together with herbs like marjoram, thyme, and pepperberries for a blossoming rainbow.

14. Succulents, Always

Photo by Williams Sonoma

Grown in Oregon, this ring of green succulents is basically a desert oasis.

15. Preserved Perennial Garden

Photo by Terrain

With yarrow, lemon mint, orange safflower, and more, this blended wreath is an explosion of color and texture.

16. Citrus Central

Photo by Bobbi Lin

Natural willow eucalyptus is sprinkled with dried slit oranges, as well as orange and lemon slices, in this cheerful citrus wreath.

Which of these wreaths would you make or buy? Tell us below!

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