8 Homemade Halloween Treats

October 19, 2011

Nothing puts the "treat" in "trick-or-treat" like homemade goodies for Halloween. Here are 6 kid- and parent-friendly confections, two booze-spiked grown-up treats, and one wickedly good martini to keep everyone on their toes on the scariest night of the year.

Salted Pumpkin Caramels by cheese1227

Salted Pumpkin Caramels

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Millionaire's Shortbread by merrill

Millionaire's Shortbread


Chocolate Swirl Cinnamon Marshmallows by notlazy.rustic.

Chocolate Swirl Cinnamon Marshmallows


Bread and Buttermilk Fudge by h.c.r.

Bread and Buttermilk Fudge


Spicy Shorties by gluttonforlife

Spicy Shorties


Tipsy Maple Corn by thirschfeld

Tipsy Maple Corn


Spiced Cider Jellies by thirschfeld

Spiced Cider Jellies


Wicked Witch Martini by thecrabbycook

Wicked Witch Martini

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sarabclever October 21, 2011
Oh, my teeth hurt. I'm really intrigued by the pumpkin caramels. I've been wanting to make caramels for some time, but the pumpkin part is really intriguing.
ctgal October 19, 2011
I may make all of them!! Except the jellies candy. They never do it for me. Don't know why. Well, better step up my exercising in preparation!
Lizthechef October 19, 2011
I love the martini at the end, just like our house after 10,000 children have banged on our door for candy ;)
Jodi A. October 19, 2011
This post arrives just in time. Thank you. I'm having family over this weekend for a casual evening and I want to stick to finger foods, especially since there are children coming. I see several possibilities. Yay!