Wicked Witch Black Olive Martini

October 10, 2010
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Photo by Mark Weinberg
  • Serves 2
Author Notes

Now that our kids are grown, my friends and I, although saddened that, for us, Halloween is no longer kid-centric, all do the adult thing: we make our own Halloween party and drink martinis! I always dress in my (menopause-appropriate) witch costume. I dust off my black hat, put on some scary shoes and a bad attitude, and, bearing a broom as a hostess gift, I go off into the night, to my friend Lynn's. Lynn decorates her house like crazy, and I help her make Wicked Witch Martinis. Here’s how to make 'em: - thecrabbycook

Test Kitchen Notes

This wickedly good dirty martini will keep the grown-ups entertained through trick-or-treat hour (and beyond). It has more vermouth than you might expect but goes down smooth and strong, just how we like 'em. - A&M —The Editors

What You'll Need
  • 6 ounces vodka
  • 1 ounce dry vermouth
  • 1 tablespoon olive juice
  • 1 cup cracked ice
  • 2 green stuffed olives
  • 2 eyeballs, preferably fake
  1. Decorate two martini glasses with spiders and cobwebs and place them in the refrigerator to chill.
  2. Combine the vodka, vermouth, olive juice, and ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake until well chilled, about 20 to 30 seconds. Strain the mixture into the chilled glasses, add an olive and an eyeball to each glass, and serve.
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    Jessica Hampton
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34 Reviews

Jessica H. October 30, 2016
Just my opinion of course but gin has a piney, resinous taste and mouth feel that I just do not like. And I cannot imagine that mixed with the delicious flavor of olive brine (preferably from garlic stuffed olives). Now that same brine with vodka? Oh yes please.
taxidog March 31, 2014
Gin is the classic, yes. A Vesper has gin and vodka. A vodka martini is a vodka martini. These days, anything served chilled up is called a "martini". Yeah it's wrong but let's try not to get all worked up about it. I have a lychee "martini" at a favorite restaurant; I manage to enjoy it despite the name. It's just a drink....
MaryAlice October 23, 2013
This is a gin martini. There is no such thing as a vodka martini.
maye October 23, 2013
Wish I had a dirty martini right now to help me through the workday!
alimirzoev July 3, 2013
Dirty Martini(classic coctaile)+Vesper(classic coctaile)=Wicked Witch Martini.Nice twist on a classic coctailes.
martha1108 April 28, 2011
Did anyone find out where the glass is from?
Federico_ February 13, 2011
Some say to make a great martini
Only gin will do it,
And if you mix yours up with vodka
You will live to rue it.

Others, though, like vodka best
to blend with vermouth in their 'tini
Make them both, then ask your guest
to choose between them, "eeny meeny..."

Rhonda35 October 23, 2013
I love this little ditty!
JilNelson January 23, 2011
The glass is beautiful. Where is it from?
Sagegreen October 30, 2010
TOO late I noticed that this recipe was sized for TWO, which I had neglected TO check earlier when I followed the recipe otherwise to a "T"....so I had a rather wicked happy-g0-lucky night of consumption, culminating with another sentence containing THREE more homophones.
lapadia October 30, 2010
Sagegreen October 30, 2010
This was the first martini I have ever made in my life. Not to worry, though. I phoned for a friend who helped finish the mix. I could barely get through one! Those who have met me in person realize I am quite petite in size. The drink is great.
Midge October 28, 2010
I'm in the gin camp myself, but these do sound refreshing!
quepasita October 28, 2010
No way! *Proper* martinis are made with GIN, not vodka. Wicked Witch Fake-tini?
thirschfeld October 28, 2010
well, just like any wicked witch, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder or in this case drinker
dymnyno October 28, 2010
Oh, please...let's not start fighting about gin vs vodka! Then we would be wicked! (we all know real martinis are gin)
thirschfeld October 28, 2010
dymnyno I am just stirring the steaming cauldron. I am not a fan of martinis so, personally it doesn't matter to me what you put in it. LOL.
Food52 October 28, 2010
The vodka/gin debate is an age-old one (James Bond himself was in the vodka camp). If you prefer, make yours with gin! And play nice, please.
dymnyno October 27, 2010
IF you are a real martini drinker, you should invest in proper martini glasses...they are shaped like an inverted witches' hat!
dymnyno October 27, 2010
Wicked in my house is not vodka (bleh)...it is GIN! congratulations , anyway on a good name.
goldgirl October 27, 2010
can't think of any reason not to make this right now, sans eyeball
katekirk October 27, 2010
where's the eyeball in the pic??? nevermind, this is what I need to suffer through all the rugrats showing up at my house during football. :)
Waverly October 27, 2010
What a perfect little pick-me-up for before, during, and/or after trick or treating! Congratulations!
lapadia October 27, 2010
Cheers and Congratulations to thecrabbycook! As I said a few days ago, I would come trick & treating to your doorstep a couple times!
Sagegreen October 27, 2010
Congrats! What an antidote for our inner crabby cook!!!
cheese1227 October 27, 2010
Congrats. I will toast to you when I drink these.
drbabs October 27, 2010
Wonderful--congratulations on the Wildcard!