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9 Best Immersion Blenders for The Creamiest Smoothies and Soups

After researching hundreds, here are the ones we’d want in our kitchens.

June 18, 2021
Photo by James Ransom

Immersion blenders, or hand blenders as they’re sometimes called, are key to making super-smooth soups, smoothies, pesto, and even homemade baby food. Or, with a quick pulse, to roughly chop ingredients for salsa, guac, and other dips. They’re much more compact and easy to use than traditional blenders or food processors—literally a handheld stick that you swirl around a pot or container.

But in a world of kitchen gadgets and tools, it can be hard to find the right one—and the range you’d find on Amazon is enough to make your own head swirl. So with that in mind, we’ve done the work for you and curated the 9 best immersion blenders on Amazon—so you can start making your favorite summer soups or dips in no time. You’re welcome.

1. KitchenAid KHBBV53PA Cordless Hand Blender, $79-$79.99

4.8 stars/1,700+ reviews

If you’re looking for a powerful and good-looking gadget, this KitchenAid immersion blender has everything you’ll need. The cordless design means one less cord to trip over in the kitchen—the rechargeable lithium ion 110-volt battery powers to full capacity in less than two hours and can handle several meals’ worth of use on a charge. It comes in 10 match-with-anything colors, including the classic KitchenAid Empire Red.

Photo by Amazon

2. KitchenAid KHBV53PA Corded Hand Blender, $39.99

4.8 stars/ 1,700+ reviews

Or if you don’t mind cords, you can check out this more affordable version from KitchenAid. It has the same look and range of colors, and comparable power.

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3. Amazon Basics Multi-Speed Immersion Hand Blender, $29.99

4.7 stars/1,900+ reviews

Don’t let the “basics” in the name fool you—there’s still 300 watts of power in here to churn soups, sauces, dips and more. It’s super lightweight at under two pounds, which is important if you’ll be using this often, or can’t lift heavy objects. We don’t suggest holding this right up against pots or containers since there’s no scratch guard—but a small compromise for the price and power, we say.

Photo by Amazon

4. Dash Chef Series Immersion Hand Blender, $51.50

4.3 stars. 90+ reviews

You’d be hard pressed to find another brand of adorable kitchen gadgets like Dash. They’re behind the popular multi-tasking egg cooker and mini waffle maker I use 90 percent of the time and I’m about to add this pretty immersion blender in my cart, too. And once you get past the aesthetics, the power’s pretty good, too—the 1,000 watt-motor, five speed settings, and stainless steel blades can get through anything your heart (and stomach) desires while the colorful non-slip grip keeps your kitchen free from splashes.

Photo by Amazon

5. Mueller Austria Hand Blender, $29.97

4.6 stars/41,600+ reviews

With nine speeds and 500 watts of power (and nearly 42K reviews!), this bad boy can take on chunky salsa, smooth soup, puréed baby food, and so much more. The ergonomic handle and power button placement is easy on your hands, and it also comes with a handful of attachment heads to make it even more versatile, like a whisk and frother.

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6. Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender, $99.95

4.7 stars / 2,300+ reviews

Breville is synonymous with powerful juicers, so it makes sense that its immersion blender is just as tough but also much more compact and small space-friendly. With 15 speeds and ergonomic trigger handle, its 280-watt power can make easy work of chunky soups and even ice. The extra-long six-foot cord is helpful around the kitchen while the non-scratch base prevents unwanted scuffs on your pots and bowls.

Photo by Amazon

7. Braun MQ5025 Hand Blender, $49.95

4.7 stars/1,000+reviews

Is anyone surprised that the makers of electric shavers also make a great hand blender? No? Just me? With 400 watts of power and 21 speeds at the top of the handle for ergonomic access, this can replace your food processor, blender, frother, and more. You can control the speeds with the entire end of the handle, as opposed to a tiny knob like others we’ve seen. We also love that the large bell-shaped end is larger than most to prevent splashing and promote smoother blending.

Photo by Amazon

8. Chefman Immersion Blender, $29.99 $26.99

4.4 stars 1,100+ reviews

While some blenders have a sleek handle, they tend to slip out of oily or flour-covered hands. We like how the handle of this one is rubberized for a better grip. The heat-resistant plastic scratch guard also helps keep pots safe, and once you’re ready for clean up, it pops off easily and can go right into the dishwasher. You’ll also get a one-year warranty on the blender should you need it.

Photo by Amazon

9. Hamilton Beach 59765 Immersion Hand Blender, $29.99

4.5 stars/2,600+ reviews

Of course the folks behind our go-to affordable kitchen appliances have a great hand blender. While not as powerful as the Mueller or KitchenAid with a 225-watt motor, this compact tool can still blend and purée anything you need. It also comes with a whisk attachment and chopping bowl with stainless steel blades—not bad for a budget-friendly blender.

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What will you use your immersion blender for? Tell us in the comments below!

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birdfeeder June 19, 2021
It sounds like this "curation" is based only on the number of Amazon reviews / stars. But Amazon is flooded with paid-for reviews, so how is this a useful way of assessing the quality of these appliances? Did anyone actually try them? And are you saying that the Vitamix blender that is sold in the F52 shop -- which is pictured twice at the top of the article, but not mentioned in the text -- is not one of the best, and not one of the ones you'd want in your kitchens? This piece makes no sense at all.
Jada W. July 7, 2021
Thanks for your comment, and for reading Food52. Our product curation is a mix of market research and the personal experience of our writers and editors who use these products. We are, however, currently in the midst of building out our product testing model—so watch this space!
birdfeeder July 7, 2021
Thanks very much for your response, Jada. I appreciate it, and I can see that with the huge number of products out there it is more than a one-person job to try them all. Will be interested to see how your testing model develops -- reviews of equipment are one of my favorite parts of F52. I'm still perplexed, though, about the absence of a product sold in the F52 store, and advertised prominently at the top of the story. Surely you aren't selling merchandise that you consider second-rate. Is there a policy about reviewing your own offerings, to avoid conflicts of interest or something like that? Are you constrained in what you can say about the merchandise you sell, perhaps by the manufacturers? I'd be very interested to hear any comments on the curious absence of the Vitamix. I bet it's complicated... Thanks again.