A Glistening Glazed Ham for the Holidays (& Lots of Good Leftovers)

It’s as easy to make as it is impressive-looking.

November  9, 2021
Photo by Rocky Luten. Prop Stylist: Megan Hedgpeth. Food Stylist: Samantha Seneviratne.

We’ve partnered with Imagery Wine Collection—a portfolio of unique, artistically inspired wines—to share a showstopping holiday main from Adrianna Guevara Adarme of A Cozy Kitchen, plus her favorite way to repurpose the leftovers (hint: brunch is involved).

One of the easiest ways to impress your guests at any holiday meal—besides having a few great bottles of wine on the table, like the ones from Imagery Wine Collection—is with a giant, golden-brown baked ham. It’s a nice detour from the classic turkey, plus there’s no dry meat and you won’t have to worry about anybody fighting over a certain part of the bird. It also makes way better leftovers, if you ask me.

But the best best part about making roast ham your holiday main: It’s as easy to make as it is impressive-looking. All you have to do is buy a spiral sliced ham and allow the delicious glaze to creep into its nooks and crannies. The glaze comes together in just 5 minutes—then it’s just a couple layers of brushing, a quick trip to the oven, and it’s on the table, ready to serve. No need for an electric knife and zero carving skills necessary.

With this glaze, I wanted to make something that had the feel of a traditional honey-baked ham, but with a little something extra. The most classic recipes usually involve brown sugar, honey, and some sort of liquid to thin it out for a spreadable consistency. I went ahead and added some of the flavors I love the most when I make pork dishes: apricot, Dijon mustard, and ginger. The whole combo works really well together, adding a little more depth to the dish where it might just be one-note, and building on the sweetness from the honey to accent the smoky ham flavors. Even with the additions, the glaze is super simple, just make sure to use the best ingredients you can find. Good-quality apricot jam brings a bright, fruity flavor profile and helps lend a glossy finish to the cooked ham. The ginger is ground (and probably sitting in your spice cabinet) rather than fresh, so there’s minimal prep work involved overall.

With a main dish like this, you won’t need a centerpiece; it can be the star of the table. For extra style points, however, you can add seasonal garnishes around the ham’s serving platter, like sprigs of rosemary or fresh whole cranberries. To serve alongside, I’d suggest sticking with holiday classics like silky mashed potatoes and a few hearty vegetables (braised kale or roast butternut squash would make great complements and add pops of color to the table). As for the wine, my pairing pick is Imagery Wine Collection’s Cabernet Sauvignon—with notes of sweet dark fruit and vanilla, along with layered aromas of spice and clove, this bottle elegantly stands up to roasted meats and rich sides alike.

Photo by Rocky Luten. Prop Stylist: Megan Hedgpeth. Food Stylist: Samantha Seneviratne.

Of course, with any large-format meat—especially one like this glazed ham—comes plenty of leftovers. And since leftovers are a big part of any holiday meal, I love to plan ahead how I’m going to repurpose them in meals for days to come. My favorite way to use leftover ham: put it in a delicious galette for the next morning’s breakfast or brunch. For ease, I lean on a store-bought pie dough and fill the galette with a mixture of cheese, Dijon mustard, the cubed-up ham, plus an egg yolk for that beautiful runny yolk effect.

To make the dish really pop, I’ll garnish with little bundles of microgreens or a handful of delicate edible flowers, like nasturtium. And if I’m serving this galette around brunch time, I’ll pour a glass of Imagery Wine Collection’s Chardonnay. The wine's bright notes of apple, pear, citrus and mouthwatering crème brûlée characteristics make a nice partner to the flaky pastry and flavorful fillings.

What’s your go-to holiday main? Tell us in the comments below!

We've partnered with Imagery Wine Collection—makers of creative, flavorful wines perfect for pairing—to share delicious wine and food combos ready for the season. This holiday-ready glazed ham and brunch galette taste even better paired with Imagery Wine Collection wines. Order their jammy Pinot Noir, smooth Cabernet Sauvignon, bright Chardonnay, and citrus-forward Sauvignon Blanc for all your wine and food pairings this season. Delivery’s a cinch—just pick out your favorite Imagery Wine Collection wines here and have ’em sent straight to your door.

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