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The Cannabis Enthusiast’s Gift Guide

From CBD gummies and THC-infused hot sauce to fruit pipes and rainbow rolling papers.

February 16, 2022
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In The Green Scene, there's no such thing as a silly question about cannabis. What's the difference between THC and CBD? How the heck do I make edibles at home? What home design advice can dispensaries teach me? Kick back—we have the answers.

When it comes to gifting, one of our philosophies is sharing things we’ve loved ourselves. No, not in a regifting kinda way (although that’s totally fine), but in an I-tried-it-and-think-you’ll-like-it-too kinda way. Case in point: these 24 cannabis gifts that our team—and their favorite experts—want to pass on to fellow users whether they’re newbies, enthusiasts, or somewhere in between.

From calming CBD gummies and THC-infused condiments to fruit-inspired pipes and beautifully designed coffee table books, these cannabis gifts are just as thoughtful (and in some cases, delicious) as anything else you’d gift a loved one. Clarity, focus, topical pain relief, and a mellow buzz—well, those are an added bonus.

Ahead, 24 cannabis gifts for newbies and enthusiasts.

Photo by Pot D’huile

1. Loud Grandma Chili Crisp, $29

For fans of chili crisp, cannabinoid expert and co-founder of Gossamer Verena von Pfetten recommends a jar of Loud Grandma’s. “It’s chili crisp with an extremely relaxing twist: 10 mgs of CBD-infused oil per teaspoon.”

Photo by Lord Jones

2. Lord Jones The Starter Gift Box, $130 $105

For newbies who want to experiment with CBD, I love gifting this set with both topicals and edibles. You can choose between three lotion fragrances and two tincture flavors for a more personalized gift, though you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Photo by Just CBD

3. CBD Gummies 3000mg Jar, $99

Our social media director Patrick Moynihan has been taking these CBD gummies for the better part of two (three?) years as part of his nighttime routine. “While the effects aren't overwhelming, they do help get me closer to the right frame of mind to get to sleep. Bonus: the flavors, particularly the cherry, are amazing—it’s like being a kid again.”

Photo by Barbari Shop

4. Barbari Balance Bun Pin, $38

Is this a hair accessory or something to help you hold your joint? It’s incredibly cute no matter how you use it, says senior photo retoucher Liz Andrew. She appreciates how the brand is also very socially conscious and inclusive—no wonder it's getting so popular.

Photo by Flower by Edie Parker

5. Flower by Edie Parker Pocket Banana Filtered Cones, $10

For anyone who’s not a seasoned stoner, Brett Heyman, founder and creative director of Edie Parker and Edie Parker Flower, loves gifting the Pocket Banana Filtered Cones. “Rolling your own joints can be challenging at first, and these cones make a great gift for a friend who is just beginning their relationship with cannabis,” Heyman says.

Photo by Gossamer

6. Gossamer Dusk, $65

This tiny but mighty bottle of Dusk includes full-spectrum CBD plus CBN, a sedative cannabinoid, and relaxing terpenes to help the sleep-deprived finally some sleep—no wonder it’s one of Gossamer’s best-selling products. “Once upon a time, we even shipped out bottles of Dusk with personalized dreams, von Pfetten says. “Maybe write one for your giftee? Consider it a tried-and-true tip.”

Photo by Houseplant

7. Houseplant Ashtray Set by Seth, $95

Equal parts form and function, this Seth Rogen-designed ashtray set will replace anything they’ve been using up to this point. Add in the matching vase and the combo might as well be a centerpiece, the Houseplant team points out.

Photo by Lord Jones

8. Lord Jones Sweatshirt, $65

Inclusive merch that feels like you’re part of an exclusive CBD club, this unisex sweatshirt is cool and comfy. There’s also a version of this with a rainbow logo that Lord Jones made in celebration of Pride.

Photo by Z's Life

9. Z's Life Rolling Papers, $8+

“Life is a little dull right now, so add some sparkle to any session with these beautifully packaged rolling papers,” says von Pfetten.

Photo by Smokiez CBD

10. Smokiez CBD Gummiez, $25+ $19.99+

Holly Tea, a customer support agent at Schoolhouse, part of the Food52 community of brands, takes Smokiez CBD gummies to avoid the brain fog that normally accompanies her nightly glass of wine. And bonus: they’re made locally in Portland.

Photo by Charlotte's Web

11. Charlotte’s Web Hemp-Infused Balm Stick With CBD, $39.99

When Cabrales is out on long runs, she’s never without her trusty CBD balm for muscle tightness and shin splints. “And I love that it’s a stick—so easy to carry around and apply,” she says. “I don’t know where I'd be without it… probably in pain.”

Photo by Recess

12. The Recess Sampler, $29.99

While it won’t give you the same buzz as hard seltzer, Recess’ sampler pack of hemp-infused sparkling waters are delicious and calming—perfect for a post-work wind-down. The packaging is surprisingly chic for a canned drink, you might even be tempted to grab a six-pack if you’re headed to meet friends.

Photo by Potli

13. Potli's Shrimp Chips, $5+

While many cannabis fans might know Potli for its hemp-infused honey and olive oils, von Pfetten says its THC-infused shrimp chips are the real winner. “The original flavor features 1 mg of THC per chip, which means you can safely eat a whole bag without finding yourself accidentally marooned on a way-too-stoned planet of one,” she says. “Or better yet, share a bag with a friend.”

Photo by Barbari Shop

14. Barbari Preroll Variety Pack, $30

For a newbie who doesn’t know what they like yet but knows that they want to take baby steps, Andrew recommends this variety pack of CBD and herb pre-rolls with different blends for different moods.

Photo by Gossamer

15. Gossamer Volume Seven: Touch, $20

Von Pfetten loves gifting a curated trio of books or magazines that she thinks the recipient would love or at least be interested in. “I know I'm biased, but I'd include a copy of Gossamer in every installment, if I could!,” she says. “The latest issue—Volume Seven: Touch—is immersive and interactive, with a mix of interior textures (and scents!), and a fuzzy, feelable cover, all dedicated to our most tactile sense—and the one we have missed the most these last couple years.”

Photo by Flower by Edie Parker

16. Flower by Edie Parker Grape Fruit Pipe, $135

And while we’re on the topic of interiors, Heyman’s fun grape pipe is both decorative yet fully functional—however they choose to use it is up to them.

Photo by Houseplant

17. Houseplant Vinyl Box Set, $95

This isn’t just another Spotify playlist. No, it’s a trio of vinyl with songs curated by Rogen and Houseplant co-founder Evan Goldberg perfectly set for each strain type—upbeat for sativa, mellow for indica, and a happy middle for hybrid. And yes, you need a record player for these.

Photo by Saucy

18. Saucy's THC-Infused Condiments

For adventurous home cooks who’ve moved past Sriracha, von Pfetten is a fan of Saucy, a BIPOC-owned brand making THC-infused hot sauce and vinaigrette. “They’re both delicious and thoughtfully dosed, making them a great entry point for anyone looking to incorporate a little herbal sparkle into their cooking.”

Photo by Extract Labs

19. Extract Labs CBD Isolate, $28+

Or take a cue from video editing lead Rob Strype and DIY edibles, tinctures, or lotions with pure CBD isolate. They can also vape it straight up, if that’s more their style.

Photo by Prim Botanicals

20. The Releefer CBD Roll On Muscle and Joint Gel, $35

CBD can also help with topical pain relief, something that manager of video distribution Nicole Cukingnan needs due to a less-than-ideal WFH setup. “I’ve had tennis elbow off and on for many years now from too much keyboard typing,” says Cukingnan. “But over this period of working from home, it got really bad probably because of my not-so-great desk setup. Now, whenever I get flare-ups I just use this and say buh-bye to pain. Also bonus: it’s minty!”

Photo by Summerland

21. Summerland Fruit Fantasy, $85

We love fun fruit decor in all its forms, especially this modern, super-shiny apple pipe. Von Pfetten loves that you can tuck it into a bookshelf until you want a lil’ amuse bouche before dinner—the ultimate party trick.

Photo by Papers + Ink

22. Papers + Ink Custom-Printed Organic Rolling Papers Kit, $14+

Naturally, senior graphic designer Angelyn Cabrales loves these rolling papers. “Particularly with the gradient ones, it’s like a rainbow when you smoke,” she says.

Photo by Kiva Confection

23. Kiva Confections Midnight Blueberry, $18

If you live in an area where THC is legal, VP of creative Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson likes these sleep-inducing gummies. “I live in New Jersey, where it’s legal, and they’re the only way I sleep through the night,” she says. And don’t we all need more of that?

Photo by House of Wise

24. House of Wise Sleep + Sex + Stress Gummy Trio, $120

Product designer Yoojung Jang loves House of Wise's empowering message of taking control of your sleep, stress, and sex so much that she gifts them to all her friends.

Do you use any CBD or THC products? What’s been your fave? Drop some inspo in the comments below!

If you're considering enjoying the products and/or recipes in this content, please consult and follow the legal restrictions for controlled substances in your state. Because there are so many variables with cannabis products, go slowly. You may want to start with half a serving and determine your tolerance and ideal dose from there. And always wait a couple hours to feel the effects.

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