The FOOD52 Holiday Recipe & Survival Guide is Here!

November 17, 2011

holiday ipad app

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of the FOOD52 Holiday Recipe and Survival Guide! It's our first ever interactive book built for the iPad, crowd-sourced from the likes of you -- the mighty FOOD52 community -- and curated by Amanda & Merrill.

It hits the App Store just in time for Thanksgiving, but we've stocked it with recipes (75 of them!), plus menus, entertaining tips, and how-to videos to be your security blanket through Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's and beyond.

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We did our best to think of every holiday snafu that might cause you stress, and make it better. Your vegan or gluten-free cousin-in-law's step-brother is coming to dinner? We've got you covered. Need a simple last-minute side? 17 recipes with 5-ish ingredients are at your beck and call. Out of ideas for edible gifts? We're not!

Buy the app here. (We think it's worth it just to watch Amanda & Merrill tackle building a gingerbread house.)

We'll be featuring samples of the app all week -- first up: see below for outtakes from our intensive three days of video shoots, shot by our friend Drew Lavyne of Six Minute Stories.

Food52's Automagic Holiday Menu Maker
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Food52's Automagic Holiday Menu Maker

Choose your holiday adventure! Our Automagic Menu Maker is here to help.

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Amanda H. November 27, 2011
Hey everyone -- and especially those who thought $9.99 was too expensive -- we're doing a weekend sale, and it's now $4.99. Act fast!
Rhonda35 November 22, 2011
Disclaimer: Amanda's oldest sister here!

I probably should stay out of the conversation but, as Amanda can confirm, I've never been very good at keeping quiet!

Two dollars, ten dollars, 100 dollars - it really doesn't matter; an item is given a value and it either sells or it doesn't. If it does, then it is a fair price or a much-desired thing. If it doesn't, it's overpriced or just not that interesting/needed.

I don't think an Eminem song for my iPod is worth 99 cents, but my 11-yr-old does. Based on sales of his music, I guess the 11-yr-olds of the world are cool with that price. Me? I'll spend my 99 cents on something else.

I understand that, as members of a community-sourced website, we all have a sense of ownership of Food52 in some ways. I also understand that the comments regarding the price of the new app are meant as advice, not a complaint. I guess I just feel it's all sort of moot. If you think the app is overpriced, don't buy it. Clearly, others think it is worth the cost so, in this case, it seems the price point is accurate.

Amanda and Merrill, I probably won't be purchasing the app - not because of the cost, but because, as a techno-neanderthal, I really don't even understand what an "app" is or what I'm supposed to do with one!! Yet, if I did, I would certainly spend the ten bucks because, based on the reviews and clips, it looks beautiful and useful. Thanks for putting so much time and thought into creating so many wonderful resources for the vibrant foodie community out there in cyberspace!

p.s. Amanda, maybe you could give me an "app" tutorial over the holidays?!
jaccord November 21, 2011
Think I'll continue to follow you online. I think $10.00 is too high for an app.
Amanda H. November 21, 2011
You may be of the all-content-should-be-free camp, in which case this may be a non-starter, but we respectfully disagree! Most cookbooks cost $25 to $40 and contain 50 to 100 recipes. Our app contains 75 recipes, 100 minutes of original video, 700 beautiful photos, menus, strategies, a buying guide, and hundreds of tips, techniques, and glossary items. All of this took time, resources and lots of hard work by our team. And there are no ads on the app.
daisybrain November 21, 2011
You've entered the crossover app zone. I believe that if you're selling it for $10.00 you believe it is worth that and more and that very well may be true. I love your site and what you're accomplishing with this community. Challenge. People are not used to paying that much for an app. There are trust issues associated with electronic content. We have all seen product we've paid for become obsolete. Sure a cookbook costs more but you know that it will still be there for your grand kids to figure out what to do with when you die, margin notes in tact. Cookbooks create memories. Apps become incompatible with your hardware. As much effort, energy and sincerity as you put into this content, my thought is that your consumers may be hesitant because they want something they know will last. Its a conundrum. We'll pay $15 to see a movie that's over in 90 minutes but are startled by a $10 app. We're spoiled and I'm not sure how to reconcile that. The beauty of an app is that you don't have to print more to accommodate demand. There are no production costs associated with order increases. What I can say is that based on your reviews and obvious passion I probably would buy your app, just not now. Sure its only $10, but right now I need that $10. Like I said in an earlier post. Maybe next week. Give me something to look forward to.
daisybrain November 20, 2011
I love Food52 and am a big fan but... $10.00 really? Don't you think you'd sell more apps for $4.00 or $5.00 and still make the same amount of money cause you'd sell twice as much. I mean its seasonal. Just saying.
Merrill S. November 20, 2011
Thanks so much for your support of FOOD52. We actually think $10 for this app is kind of a steal! The app contains 100 minutes of original video, 75 recipes, menus and planning strategies, plus hundreds of tips, techniques and glossary items, many with beautiful accompanying photographs (also all original). Yes, it's seasonal, but it's also perennial.
TheWimpyVegetarian November 20, 2011
I downloaded it this morning and for essentially the cost of a nice glass of Pinot, I got a lot of information. I like how it's organized not just by holiday but by categories of food, like gluten-free and all the menus save me time. And I love all the video - it's one of my favorite aspects of on-line information gathering, whether it's about how to cook something or how to do something on the computer. That said, I think the challenge is one shared by a lot of us who post recipes on a blog. What compels someone to buy the recipes when they can get them for free on a site. There has to be additional value being delivered that's unique; and there's has to be strong branding so people know the quality they're buying. I think you've delivered on both!
daisybrain November 21, 2011
It does sound jam packed, and I'm sure its beautiful as your production values are superb. Maybe next week when I can afford a nice glass of Pinot.
thirschfeld November 18, 2011
FYI, I have become a big fan of Merrill's laugh.
Merrill S. November 19, 2011
Aw, thanks Tom!
MrsWheelbarrow November 18, 2011
I love the app! I've been playing with it for a day now and there is so much more to explore. It's the best food app I've seen - no surprise at all. You all do a fantastic job with everything you touch. Bravo!
Amanda H. November 20, 2011
Thanks MrsWheelbarrow -- and we all made it together, that's the fun part!
mcs3000 November 18, 2011
The app is gorgeous, starting with the cover pic. Love how you wove reader's comments throughout like you did w/ the cookbook. I downloaded the hotline app too - awesome.
Amanda H. November 20, 2011
Thank you -- makes us h-app-y! :)
enbe November 17, 2011
Congratulations! Too bad I can't think of any iPads I can get my hands on...
mrslarkin November 18, 2011
haha. me either! i wonder if it will work on my kids' ipod?? of course, then, I'd probably have to use a magnifying glass, which would be kinda awkward.
santa November 17, 2011
As soon as I retrieve my Ipad from my wife, I am going to buy the app
LLStone November 17, 2011
V funny. <3
TheWimpyVegetarian November 17, 2011
Very funny!
lorigoldsby November 17, 2011
Well done! I gave it 5 stars and tried to leave a review, but had an error message. I will try again later. Keep thinking of new ways to share the joy that is the Food52 community....I'm thinking summer survival guide? Tips for staying cool, vacation road trip picnics, and of course more of the poolside cocktails! Again, so worth the wait, excellent job!
Merrill S. November 19, 2011
Thanks, and great idea!
creamtea November 17, 2011
Congratulations! I don't have an ipad of my own...hmmmmm. If the authorities come looking for my husbands iPad, um, it wasn't me who took it, and downloaded the app.
Blissful B. November 17, 2011
Congratulations! The app is such a natural extension of F52 & I've always loved your videos. I see many more apps in your future!
lapadia November 17, 2011
Congrats to all at Food52…onto “the next frontier”! Love the outtakes and the old BeeGee song is great exercise music, just sayin’ :)
luvcookbooks November 17, 2011
i'm putting an ipad on my christmas list so that i can get the app
Rhonda35 November 17, 2011
You gals are so FUNNY! Love the out-takes. xo
aargersi November 17, 2011
Yahoo! I will tell everyone I ever met!!!
Amanda H. November 17, 2011
Now that's the spirit!
Merrill S. November 17, 2011
Only that many?!
dymnyno November 17, 2011
I downloaded mine! Then, I realized that I don't have a single recipe on the app. (darn) It is really beautiful...CONGRATULATIONS!
EmilyC November 17, 2011
I'm buying it today and can't wait to check it out tonight! Perfect timing for the holidays, and big congrats all around for bringing it to fruition in such a short period of time!