7 Vibrant Recipes From 'Mi Cocina,' Rick Martinez's Ode to Mexico

Martinez, a Food52 resident and host of 'Sweet Heat,' takes readers on a culinary journey.

May  3, 2022

Today marks a very important date in our calendar—the launch of Food52 resident Rick Martinez’s first cookbook, Mi Cocina.

“On September 12, 2019, I flew to Puebla to start a journey that would change my life forever,” Rick wrote in an Instagram caption today, celebrating the launch of Mi Cocina. The book takes home cooks on a journey across Mexico, with recipes inspired by the 20,000 miles that Rick traveled, including dishes like Tlayuda con Tasajo, Sopa de Lima, Puchero Tabasqueño, Torta de Lechón, and Tacos Gobernador.

We are so excited about the release of Mi Cocina that we’re giving you a little preview while you wait for your copy to land in your mailbox: Here are seven incredible recipes from Rick that we can’t wait to cook. (And when you're done reading—and, let's be honest, salivating—check out Rick's newest video series sharing all of these recipes and more.)

1. Cochinita Pibil

This slow-roasted pork recipe replicates a smoky version of the dish Rick tried during his travels through Yucatán. While the original recipe was prepared over a fire, he found a way to make it in the oven while still maximizing the flavor. However, if you have a grill or smoker, Rick encourages you to use it.

2. Tamales Oaxaqueños

The key to really good tamales is a lot of (really good) homemade salsa and homemade masa. Choose between Rick’s Salsa Tomatillo or Salsa Guajillo, both of which are traditionally used in this recipe.

3. Enchiladas Mineras

These aren’t your typical Tex-Mex enchiladas—Rick notes that Mexican enchiladas are actually much lighter and easier to make (win-win!). The filling is made with chicken thighs, potatoes, carrots, onions, and a chile purée.

4. Uliche (Mole Blanco)

This mole has tons of flavor—from fresh cilantro to black peppercorns to garlic to lots of chiles—but it passes on the usual cocoa power, in favor of a white sauce instead.

5. Torta de Lechón

Inspired by a sandwich that Rick tried in Aguascalientes, this recipe for garlic and lime slow-roasted pork sandwiches does take some time to make. But it's well worth your effort—and besides, most of the time is hands-off.

6. Tacos Gobernador

Buttery shrimp tacos with toasted flour tortillas and melted cheese are sure to become my new go-to weeknight recipe. This recipe comes together in less than 30 minutes and you’ll easily be able to find all of the ingredients in your pantry or fridge.

7. Arroz Blanco con Mantequilla

Rick admits that this recipe, in particular, is one that’s on frequent rotation for him. “This rice—slightly sweet from the carrots and onions and almost creamy thanks to the starchiness of the rice combined with the richness and incredible flavor of the butter—hit me hard and has stayed with me,” he says, since trying a version in Durango.

Have you ordered your copy of Rick Martinez’s Mi Cocina yet? Let us know which recipe you plan to cook first!

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I didn’t realize the connection to Food52! I heard Rick speak about his book on NPR and instantly it would be a cookbook that I would love. It arrived yesterday and I just started reading the introduction today! Can’t wait to delve into the recipes!
Claudia May 12, 2022
I haven´t made any of the recipes. I just want to mention that there is a misunderstood ingredient in Mexican moles. There never is, and never will be, cocoa powder. Moles have a fair amount of dried chiles, at least three sorts, and a very small piece of real Mexican cacao, a solid piece, never chocolate or powder and it is minimal. It is a mistake to call moles a ´´chocolate sauce´´. For the rest of the recipes, the ingredients and techniques are very good ones.