Our 10 Favorite Airbnbs Along the Italian Coast

They all have availability—for now.

April  6, 2023
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It’s summer. You’re holding a Campari Spritz in one hand, your favorite person’s palm in the other, and you’re buzzing. It might be from the cocktail or from the unique glow that only comes after a beach-day-shower. Either way, you’re in bliss. You’re on a balcony, with the ocean, muffled laughter, and arancini nearby. It’s late, but it’s nowhere near dark, and you’re thinking about the dinner of clams, octopus, and sea urchin in your near future. You’re in Italy, on the coast, at your own Airbnb.

With enough planning and research, that dreamy night on the coast can become reality. In hopes of inspiring your inner Stanley Tucci, we’ve done some of that research for you. Here are some of our favorite Airbnbs along the Italian coast.

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Casa Fiore

Located on the Southern coast of Capri, this cliffside home has the perfect terrace for pre-dinner drinks and late night conversations. Also, the view is sweet. The listing says there’s room for five guests, but with only two queen beds, it’s probably best for a couples trip.

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Luxury Apartment in Capri

This one’s also on the Southern coast of Capri and ideal for a couples trip, but has an improved interior and an even better view. A few other perks: It’s near cafes and restaurants and the apartment is cleaned daily.

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Nido Sul Mare

This Sicilian villa combines three of the world’s greatest things: a pool, ocean views, and privacy. Away from the hustle of downtown Cefalù and with room for only two, this is the ideal spot for a quiet, intimate getaway.

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Azzurro House

Location and an ocean view are all this rooftop apartment has in common with the previous villa. Swap the quiet getaway for a lively spot in downtown Cefalù. You’ll be surrounded by stucco buildings, clay roofs, and people gleefully puttering around on their balconies.

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Villa in Porto Rafael

Go to this Sardinian villa with your ten closest friends. There are five bedrooms, a pool, ocean views, and a kitchen capable of feeding the whole group. Even better, the host will help you rent a sailboat that will take your crew around the stunning Maddalena Archipelago.

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North Sardinia Summer House

I’d stay here with people who enjoy nature and know how to sit still. This is the place to finally start working on your novel—or to find inspiration for the next one.

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Villa Leoni

If you want to bring your whole family to the Italian coast, this Sardinian villa has something for everyone. There’s a pool the kids will love, ocean views, and five bicycles in case you want sand between your toes—just hop on one and head down to the nearby beach.

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Villa Francesca

Come here for the pool. Whether it’s hosting the world’s most important game of Marco Polo or serving as the backdrop to an afternoon of cocktails and gossip, this pool sets the stage for a blissful vacation.

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Gio Positano

A cliffside balcony along the Amalfi Coast sells itself. Also, I’d love to make something in this kitchen, even if it’s just a cup of coffee.

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Alone Amalfi

It can be difficult to find an apartment with a balcony this large, but this Airbnb’s got it. With enough room to comfortably host four guests, this can be a home base for a group determined to eat their way up and down the Amalfi coast.

What is your favorite place along the Italian Coast? Let us know in the comments below!

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