Our 9 Best Lucas Sin Recipes

Including sticky rice, wontons, and stir-fried greens.

June 10, 2024
Photo by Bobbi Lin

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There are two constants in chef and Food52 Resident Lucas Sin’s recipes: immense flavor and technical insights that make challenging dishes feel truly accessible. If you want to eat well while also becoming a better cook, you’ve come to the right place. Here are nine of his best dishes.

1. Northern & Southern Wontons

Two regional variations of wontons, both undeniably delicious. The Northern-style wontons are small, silky, and best when submerged in broth, while its Southern counterparts are plump, stuffed with pork and shrimp, and ideally served over noodles.

2. Soy Sauce Chicken With Sticky Rice Stuffing

Created during his college days, this is Lucas’ answer to Thanksgiving turkey—and it’s absolutely perfect, no matter the time of year. Chicken fat, chinese sausage, and sticky rice create a flavor that is simultaneously luxurious and comforting.

3. Pan Fried Tofu, Two Ways

Inspired by the seared tofu dish at New York’s Congee Village, this recipe will teach you how to transform either silken or firm tofu into a vessel of flavor that’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Finished in an onion and scallion soy sauce, this dish is best served with rice.

4. Almond Tofu With Poached Apricots & Black Sesame

This pudding combines floral Chinese almonds with sweet apricots and toasted sesame to create a dessert that is balanced in flavor and elegant in appearance. While there is a decent amount of work involved (three hours of preparation, to be precise), the finished product is certain to impress.

5. Hunan Hand-Torn Cabbage With Bacon & Chiles

According to Lucas, "This stir-fry is about cooking the kinds of vegetables that don’t really want to be cooked properly and evenly—like cabbage.” While that’s awesome, when bacon and chiles are involved, I’m always interested.

6. Guo Bao Rao (Plus Bonus Sweet & Sour Recipes)

Offering three different dishes (spring rolls, herb salad, and crispy pork) and a masterclass on sweet and sour sauce, this is the kind of recipe that never leaves your kitchen counter. Any or all of these options are perfect for your next gathering.

7. Lo Mai Gai (Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf)

Lotus leaf lifts the flavor and presentation of an already delicious sticky rice. It’s worth noting that this dish is best prepared using either a rice cooker or Instant Pot.

8. Hong Kong Egg Sandwich

This fun, delicious, and relatively simple breakfast sandwich is a great way to learn (and quickly master) the Hong Kong scrambled egg technique. By adding a few pantry ingredients before cooking, you’ll make a scrambled egg that is fluffy, custardy, and perfectly sandwiched between milk bread.

9. Garlic Stir-Fried Spinach

I make this dish weekly. It’s quick to put together, always flavorful, and cost-effective. While stir-fried spinach isn’t as technically challenging as some of the other dishes on this list, Lucas’ insights make it even easier than you’d imagine.

Which Lucas Sin recipe is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!
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