Calling All Pub Sub Fans—Here Are the Best Under-$10 Publix Finds

The 10 must-haves, all under $10.

April 13, 2023
Photo by Rocky Luten

While these items are all under $10, keep in mind that exact prices will vary by location.

Florida may be notorious for its interesting residents and the interesting things they do on a daily basis (just Google “Florida man” to find a collection of news stories that will make your jaw drop), but for me, it’s home. And home just so happens to be where my favorite grocery chain, Publix, is based.

Publix is so much more than a store to pick up weekly food essentials: It’s a lifestyle. After all, the company’s motto is, “Where shopping is a pleasure.” And what a pleasure it is, sifting through the chain’s hundreds of store-branded deli, bakery, and grocery goods—many of which practically defined my childhood.

In the interest of rounding up 10 items for any newbie to pick up on their first shop, I polled fellow Floridians and asked for their all-time favorite Publix products under $10. As expected, many of the recommendations already have cult followings, but there were a few on this list that had even me surprised (and immediately jotting down a list of things to find during my next visit).

Check out the most popular responses below.

1. Jalapeño and Cilantro Deli Hummus

Shoppers can’t get enough of Publix’s spicy, herbaceous take on the Mediterranean classic. In fact, I had no less than a dozen Instagram followers slide into my DMs to tell me that it’s the sleeper hit of the deli section and worthy of international fanfare. So, you’re welcome for spreading the wealth—and apologies to current hummus admirers who may see their favorite tub fly off shelves in the coming weeks.

2. Mini Key Lime Pie

It only makes sense for an amazing Key lime dessert to hail from its Sunshine State birthplace, and this bakery staple tastes just as good (if not better) than what you may find in Key West. It’s tangy, not overly-sweet, and its texture is so silky-smooth that you’ll want to inhale the entire tin in one sitting. I’m grateful for the single serving option because I could easily house an entire regular-sized pie (not that I know from personal experience or anything…).

3. Popcorn Chicken

When it comes to poultry, Publix reigns supreme. They’ve got a lemon pepper rotisserie chicken that’s killer, a bevy of chicken cold cuts, and then the crown jewel: popcorn chicken. These kernels of fried, crunchy goodness put most fast food iterations to shame. They’re fun to dunk into honey mustard or barbecue sauce as a full meal, but they also work great as an appetizer, served with toothpicks. Frankly, there’s no wrong way to eat them.

4. Heath Bar Cookies

God almighty,” says Kathy Bates in Titanic, but also anyone who bites into one of these cookies. Ribboned with caramel and chunks of the famous toffee, this treat is equal parts sweet, salty, and chewy, making it the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Be sure to also try Publix’s sugar and chocolate chip varieties that are just as delightful.

5. Greenwise & Publix Premium Ice Creams

I decided to keep this one a bit broad since respondents' favorite flavors ranged from coffee and vanilla to moose tracks and mint chocolate chip. The moral of the story is that you can’t go wrong with a tub of Publix’s line of ultra-rich ice creams. And the best part of all? They’re almost always BOGO. Stock up!

6. Greenwise Chicken Sausage

Barbecue season is upon us, but the only season I care about is the seasoning they put into these bad boys because they’re oh-so-flavorful. The harmonious blend of paprika, red pepper, and fennel create a spicy, smoky, licorice-forward frank that provides the perfect bite after some time on the grill.

7. Vanilla Buttercream Cake Slice

So simple, yet so iconic, Publix Bakery’s cake and buttercream frosting recipe is so beloved that my best friend used it for her wedding cake. It’s light, it’s airy, it’s exceptionally sweet, and it’s now available by the slice so that you don’t have to invest in an entire sheet cake to satisfy a craving.

8. Buffalo-Style Chicken Breast Dip

Made with neufchâtel cheese, hot sauce, and sour cream, this creamy, spicy dip a standout among the grocery chain’s impressive lineup of other innovative dips like street corn and jalapeño popper.

9. Sweetened Brewed Iced Tea

Nothing screams Southern comfort quite like a tall glass of iced sweet tea on a hot summer day, y’all. And Publix has you covered with this ultra-sweet brew that can also be purchased unsweetened (except that kind of defeats the purpose). Do not combine it with other caffeinated beverages, though. This bev can give you legitimate jitters when consumed in excess.

10. Pub Subs

I’ve already written about the enduring magnificence of the Publix sub, but it bears repeating: This sandwich is a certified star. Piled sky-high with Boar’s Head sliced meats and cheeses, premium veggies like sliced onions, black olives, green pepper rings, and spinach, and then topped with an oregano-forward sub dressing, she is the moment and always will be.

Which of these Publix items will you be trying? Let us know in the comments below!

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