Costco Has All the Summer Grilling Essentials You Need

From basic burgers and beyond.

May  9, 2023
Photo by Rocky Luten

Now that the weather is no longer offensively frigid, it’s time to dust off the ol’ grill and welcome the sights, sounds, smells, and—most importantly—sunshine of summer. Outdoor dining is the perfect way to appreciate the change in seasons: From backyard soirées and barbecues to simple weekday dinners, it’s time to enjoy the fresh air and bask in the glow of a setting sun.

Whether you’re new to grilling or simply need a new set of tools and some fresh ingredients, you don’t have to look further than Costco. Whether you need meat and seasonings, accessories, or actual grills, the big-box chain is a one-stop shop for anything that requires cooking over an open flame.

Check out 11 of our favorite grilling essentials below.

1. Chicago Steak Premium Angus Beef Butcher Assortment

This eight-pound assortment of hamburgers, filet mignons, boneless strips, top sirloins, and ribeyes will satiate any red meat cravings. Because there’s a cut for everyone, it’s an ideal investment for any special gathering of friends, family, and neighbors.

2. Kirkland Signature Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon

Grilled salmon, especially when cooked on a cedar plank, can elevate any outdoor get-together. But at less than $45 for three pounds of fish, you don’t have to wait for special occasions to enjoy what will certainly taste like a gourmet meal.

3. Bear Mountain BBQ Gourmet BBQ Pellets

Impart your meats and veggies with a sweet, smoky flavor using this 40-pound bag of wood pellets for the hopper. Its low moisture content will ensure an easily controlled smoke level for a meal that’s high on flavor and low on hassle.

4. Kirkland Signature Beef Hot Dogs

Costco sells an iconic (and affordable) hot dog for only $1.50, but you don’t have to wait in line at their food court to have one. Instead, you can take home 36 of the beef-based franks to throw on the grill whenever a craving hits.

5. McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Steak Seasoning

There is no greater offense in the grilling world than an underseasoned protein. This 29-ounce blend of garlic, salt, pepper, and paprika is ideal for burgers and steaks that require a whisper of spice, but not so much that it takes the focus away from the meat (aka the star).

6. Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce

Sweet Baby Ray’s has become synonymous with “damn good barbecue sauce,” and Costco sells a whopping 80 ounces of the award-winning condiment for less than $9. That means you’ll be able to dunk, drizzle, baste, and marinate for months. (Or, let’s be honest, days.)

7. Frito Lay Classic Mix Variety Pack

Other than potato or macaroni salad, an old-fashioned chip is the most sought-after grilling side. This 54-bag assortment features the most beloved Frito Lay varieties of all time, like Cheetos, Ruffles, Lay’s, Frito’s, and Doritos.

8. Impossible Plant-Based Burger Patties

Catering to the needs of a vegan diet during your next backyard barbecue is possible with the Impossible plant-based burger. They’re juicy, they’re satiating, and, best of all, they’re free of any animal products—meaning everyone can take part in the outdoor feast.

9. TrueFire Cedar Grilling Planks

That cedar-smoked salmon from your favorite restaurant can now become an at-home staple. These single-use cedar grilling planks are manufactured from sustainably sourced wood, can be used on gas or charcoal grills, and only require your ingredients, the slab, and a flat surface—that’s it!

10. Kamodo Joe Big Block Charcoal and Firestarter Bundle

You may need some charcoal to kick your grill into high gear, and Kamodo Joe offers this 40-pound bag with 24 eco-friendly, paraffin-based firestarters that keep the environment in mind while also ensuring a hot and odorless burn. An entire bag will also last you up to 18 hours in cooking time, so you might even have enough to last the entire summer.

11. Heinz Ketchup, Relish & Mustard Grill Pack

You’re going to need classic condiments to top all those burger and hot dogs, and no brand is more synonymous with American grilling than Heinz. This colorful trio of ketchup, relish, and mustard should last a small family all summer (or competitive eater Joey Chestnut 10 minutes).

What are your grilling essentials? Share in the comments!
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