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8 Pescatarian-Approved Grilling Essentials for Cooking Fish Like a Pro

Up your grilling game before summer hits with these tools and accessories.

May 15, 2023
Photo by James Ransom

Fish is having a major moment in the culinary zeitgeist right now—whether it be the unexpected tinned fish “seacuterie” board trend, the rise in sustainable “aquaculture,” or the growing popularity of fish-forward (and heart-healthy) Mediterranean diets—fish has officially become the protein du jour of 2023. While sashimi, caviar, and other raw fish delicacies are undoubtedly spectacular, now that we’re approaching grilling season, summer-inspired fish dishes are on our mind (and our grills).

Sure, you can’t go wrong with traditional North American grilled staples like steak, hamburgers, and hot dogs, but grilled seafood dishes like Cedar Plank Grilled Loup De Mar or Grilled Oysters with Sichuan Chili Butter offer a more sophisticated (and lighter) spin on summer grilling. Of course, if you’re hosting a Memorial Day pool party, Fourth of July feast, or any-occasion summer barbecue, it’s important to offer alternatives for a variety of diets and flavor palettes.

Even if you’re a seasoned grill master and an expert on red meats and poultry, you will want to add a new section to your summer grill menu this year: pescatarian fare. After all, there’s a reason why surf ‘n turf is a staple of fine dining—the combination of seafood (especially lobster or shrimp) with steak is a gastronomic match made in heaven. Just in time for this spring and summer, we’ve researched the best pescatarian-approved grilling tools for making the most delicious grilled seafood.

Photo by MJ Kroeger

1. Global Classic Fish Bone Tweezers, $44

These premium stainless steel fish bone tweezers make removing even the most concealed bones a breeze.

Photo by Julia Gartland

2. Wood-Handled Stainless Steel Grill Tools, $20+

Engineered with a long, wooden handle, this fish spatula helps you prevent burns and stay precise without having to put your hands close to the flame to maintain control.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

3. Yummly Smart Thermometer, $100

Because the Yummy thermometer allows you to check the fish’s internal temperature remotely (using your phone), you can avoid having to open and close the grill lid constantly, allowing the fish to retain a smoky flavor—and letting you focus your attention on prepping side dishes without living in fear of forgetting your fish on the grill.

Photo by MJ Kroeger

4. Messermeister Oliva Elite 6-Inch Boning Knife, $120

This handcrafted, German-made knife allows you to maneuver intricate boning work on both fish and poultry with absolute precision.

Photo by James Ransom

5. Fish Grill Basket (Set of 2), $25+

Instead of grilling your seafood directly on the grill, invest in a non-stick fish basket to keep your fish from over-cooking, falling apart, or—worse—falling through the grate. These grilling baskets fit a whole fish and clamp together so there's no slip as you flip. You can use them for vegetables, too, as they're perfect for anything that's tricky to maneuver on your grill.

Photo by Rocky Luten

6. Wildwood Grilling Planks Sampler Pack, $20+

Grilling fish (especially salmon) without a cedar plank should be a crime. This sampler pack includes a cedar, cherry, hickory, maple, and alder plank, allowing you to experiment with different flavors to find your favorites. While you can just soak these boards in water to prepare them for use, get creative and try wine, lemon or lime juice, or another (non-flammable, edible) liquid of your choice, and thank me later.

Photo by Ty Mecham

7. Gefu Multi-Use Kitchen Scissors, $19

Do yourself a favor and stop cutting food with dull scissors from the craft store or stolen from your grade-school children. Not only are these multipurpose kitchen scissors the perfect tool for scaling fish but the ultra-sharp blades are even removable for easy cleaning and/or sharpening.

Photo by Rocky Luten

8. de Buyer Seafood Shears, $30

When it comes to prepping shellfish, a proper pair of shears is non-negotiable. These extra sharp shears cut through lobster and crab shells seamlessly—and without destroying the meat. It's an essential tool, especially for mollusk or shellfish enthusiasts.

What's your favorite seafood to cook on the grill? Let us know below!
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