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3 On-Sale Pantry Essentials for Your Next Restock

You can never have too much extra-virgin olive oil.

June 12, 2023
Photo by James Ransom

If you gathered your friends or family and compared the contents of your pantry shelves, we're sure everyone's would look a little different. There would probably be overlapping staples, of course—like flour and sugar, spices and seasonings, and nonperishables—but look closely, and you'd see items you'd never think to buy playing leading roles on others' shelves.

Here at Food52 we have our own curated line of pantry goods. There are specialty and seasonal foods, staples from our Five Two line, honeys and syrups, sauces and condiments, and even international favorites. Whether you're a tinned-fish lover or are keen to stock your pantry with staples like dried pasta, olive oil, and vinegar, you're covered.

If you've always thought about shopping our pantry but aren't sure where to start, let us help: Three of our favorite pantry items are on sale right now.

1. Food52 Our Everyday Organic Italian Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, $15 $8+

Whether you're cooking, baking, or just looking for something to drizzle over a bowl of freshly sliced tomatoes, you should always have a bottle of this extra-virgin olive oil nearby. We partnered with a family-run mill to source the best organic olives from Puglia, Italy. Those same olives are then cold pressed the same day, allowing us to bottle up an extra-virgin olive oil that's fresh, bright, and a little zingy.

2. Food52 Jarred Tuna in Olive Oil, 5.9 oz, $11+ $7+

If you're looking for an ultra-versatile pantry goodie, look no further. Our jarred tuna is perfect for snacking, any tuna sandwich, adding to pasta, or including in a salad. We've kept things simple, too. Each jar includes only what's needed: yellowfin tuna (fish), olive oil, and salt.

3. Gonnelli 1585 Tuscany Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, $80 $64

Do you have a friend who always ends up hosting? Surprise them with a bottle of this Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil at their next soirée. The fragrant oil was created by Piero Gonnelli, the head of a family-run business that’s been cultivating olives for over 400 years, and is known for its spicy, bitter, and herbaceous taste. Not to mention, the bottle is so beautiful you won't even have to wrap it.

What's your favorite pantry item? Let us know below!

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