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January 11, 2012

Inspiration for tonight's dinner : breakfast! Perhaps the most forgiving meal of the day (it is meant to be prepared in the sleep-fog of early morning after all). Ultra-savory Salt and Pepper French Toast coupled with creamy Soft Scrambled eggs prove that breakfast staples are no less enticing for the time of day they are served. 

We've included a sort of meal-making plan of action, but click on the photos or links to find the fully-fleshed out recipes. A delicious supper in under an hour -- eat up! 

The Menu 

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Soft Scrambled Eggs

soft eggs

Crispy Salt and Pepper French Toast 


The Grocery List 

Eggs (you'll need 9 total)


Green Onions (and these are optional)



We're assuming you have butter, sandwich bread, salt, pepper, and oil.


A Note 

The eggs call for crème fraîche, marscarpone, cream or 'what have you'. The french toast calls for half & half, which you probably already have in your fridge, so make life a little easier and use that in the scrambled eggs, too. Or if you're the kind of wonderful person who has crème fraîche in the fridge at all times, by all means use that!

The Plan

1. Get the egg coating for the french toast ready before you do anything else. Take ten seconds and mix up the sauce for the toasts while you're at it.

2. Next focus on the soft scrambled eggs, as they take a bit of time and attention. 

3.  The final step should be frying your toasts, as they take just two minutes per side. If you're ambitious, you could do this during the final minutes of scrambling (yes, this is a two-pan meal). 

Aside: You know what would wash this all down beautifully? A spicy, bright bloody mary, you deserve it! Why? Because dinner is served. 

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Written by: Miranda Rake

Miranda is a writer and editor in Portland, OR. She has a sweet, curious toddler, and is passionate about all of the usual things like farmers markets, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and swimming in the sea. She hates leaf blowers and writing in the third person. Until recently, she owned and operated a small jam company, as is typical for a Portland-based millennial like herself.


Sagegreen January 18, 2012
This was dinner last night. Yum, it really was.
Miranda R. January 23, 2012
cool! glad it worked out for you!
Mandy C. January 14, 2012
yum! I will definitely try this tomorrow!

wananling January 13, 2012
Me, too -- I love breakfast, and there's nothing better than having it for dinner, too!
Elizabeth K. January 13, 2012
This dinner looks delicious and fun! I love that you provided a grocery list and a plan. Exactly how my brain works. I'd love to see more menu ideas from MirandaR!