Introducing Big Feast!

February  2, 2012

We want you to throw big parties, tell us about it, and win big (big!) prizes from Le Creuset. Here's how.

big feast

"Nothing is too much trouble if it turns out the way it should."

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-Julia Child, My Life in France

Oh, that we could always live by Julia's standards. But day to day, we dedicated home cooks have to rely on simple, trusted staples to help us get something that resembles supper on the table. 

And that's great. But Big Feast is not about that.

It is a break from routine. It is an invitation to the unique euphoria that comes with cooking up a storm and presenting a grand and stunning spread to all your nearest and dearest. Indulging yourself in days of scheming, leafing through cookbooks, sending invitations, and hunting down that last, lingering ingredient. Long days in the kitchen with pots simmering and stand mixers whirring, building up to that glorious and convivial moment of ravenous demolition -- with as many of your favorite people squeezed together around your table as you can possibly fit. 

We want you to run wild and share your Big Feast (and everything leading up to it), with us and the whole FOOD52 community.

We'll publish a winning Big Feast on FOOD52 every month, and the winner will get $500 smackers worth of Le Creuset prizes like these (more details below)!

le creuset dutch ovenle creuset iron skilletle creuset sauce pan

le creuset

Here's how it will work:

1) Dream big. Dig a pit and roast a pig (or whatever) in it. Plot a historically-inspired banquet worthy of Downton Abbey. Plan the most extravagant, time-consuming birthday party your kid will ever have. Then, pitch us your Big Feast plan at [email protected].

2) Show us that you -- or a friend -- can take GORGEOUS food photos. Big Feast will be very photo-driven. Send us links to your (or your co-conspirator's) work!

3) We'll select the most enticing pitches -- and we'll give you the green light (and a deadline).

4) Throw your party.

5) After all the dishes are done and your friends have gone, send us your story and pictures of the whole shebang (from plan to prep to fête) and we'll celebrate your feast on FOOD52 so everyone can bask in your party's glow.)

6) To top it all off, thanks to a very generous people at Le Creuset, all winning hosts will be basking too -- in $500 worth of fabulous Le Creuset booty, tailored to your Big Feast.

For example, the first to feast will win all of the above, in the color of their choice (flame, cherry, fennel, or cassis): a 4 1/2-quart round French oven, a 10 1/4-inch iron handle skillet, and a 2 3/4-quart precision pour pan. Deadline for this round of pitches: Thursday, February 16th at noon.

So, let's repeat: you throw a party, we publish your party. And then we send you $500 worth of Le Creuset cookware.

This is your time to break out the big guns and dazzle us! And most of all, have a marvelous time doing it. Bring on the Feast.

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CorinnaB May 7, 2013
is this amazing opportunity still running?
BoulderGalinTokyo March 7, 2012
I've been waiting to see last month's Feb Big Feast! This is a great idea.
Is the next deadline March 16?
cheese1227 February 14, 2012
How soon will you make the decision -- my already planned Big Feast is planned for 2/25.
cheese1227 February 14, 2012
How soon will you make the decision -- my already planned Big Feast is planned for 2/25.
Susige February 14, 2012
If friends/family are included in the photos from a dinner party, do they need to sign releases agreeing to their photographs being published?
Miranda R. February 17, 2012
I would certainly explain the project to them in detail and be sure that they understand that their photo would appear online, especially if that's something you think they might not be comfortable with, but no, we don't ask for any sort of legal signed releases.
ChompingTheBigApple February 14, 2012
I have some ideas for this, but my photographer friend hasn't gotten back to me. Just wanted to clarify: Will we be able to make a pitch again next month or is it best to do the pitch now? Thanks!
Miranda R. February 14, 2012
Hi there! The photographs are certainly a key element of the pitch, so it would be difficult to pitch without that element. That said, the sooner the better so if you have a great idea brewing you may want to get your pitch in sooner than later! I hope this is helpful, sorry to not give a more cut and dry answer!
ChefJune February 13, 2012
too bad I'm not doing my Mardi Gras brunch this year..... Will just have to put on my thinking cap!
Loves F. February 12, 2012
Can't wait to see the first Big Feast!
Rhonda35 February 11, 2012
LOVE this idea! Looking forward to the first Big Feast!
homemadecravings February 10, 2012
Hope there is a March contest as I am hosting a BIG Oscar Party!
Miranda R. February 10, 2012
That's wonderful! Big Feast is actually an on-going event, so just go ahead and submit now, the sooner the better! Thanks for your interest!
Kt4 February 8, 2012
I did my first cooking-for-a-crowd this past weekend and it went great! Can I submit a run-down on what happened or is this only for future parties? Sadly, I can't afford to cook 'big'.
Miranda R. February 9, 2012
If you have a lot of excellent quality pictures of the process and the event itself, please feel free to submit the event! The more the merrier!
gluttonforlife February 6, 2012
How many people constitutes "big"?
Miranda R. February 7, 2012
It's more about feel than numbers, but I can safely say more than 2. Big Feasts = Big cooking projects that sort of by nature feed a crowd. Hope this helps!
KirstenS February 6, 2012
Miranda R. February 6, 2012
Ideally within the next 10 days/2 weeks, but of course as soon as possible is always appreciated!
LASGarcia February 5, 2012
We host a party every New Year's Day- 16 years now! It is a perfect formula party, we do all the cooking and some friends bring things too. This year we had 120 people. Our menu is awesome and loved by all- we do the same thing each year and when our friends arrive they always say they have waited all year for our food. I am not sure I have photos of the food, but am happy to share it all details- from prep to clean up.... The recipes are involved- but easy to do and fool proof.
CarlaCooks February 13, 2012
I hope you do share! The idea of hosting and feeding 120 people absolutely frightens me, so I would love to hear about your game plan!
singing_baker February 5, 2012
Entertaining is my specialty! and I just moved into a new bigger space what perfect timing!!!
Miranda R. February 7, 2012
Glad you're excited!
Renée (. February 5, 2012
Nice! I might just be tempted.... ;-D
EmilyC February 3, 2012
What a great idea and fun new feature! I'm excited to see how this unfolds!
Blissful B. February 3, 2012
Thanks for introducing this feature! Watching the hotline threads around the holidays, it's clear that many Food52-ers throw these kinds of events regularly, just for fun. I would love to see it unfold in pictures.
SKK February 3, 2012
Wow, this will be great! I am all in.
TheWimpyVegetarian February 2, 2012
BTW, what an absolutely wonderful, fun idea!!!!