Your Best Savory Rice Video

December  3, 2009

Watch A&M prepare this week's finalist recipes from the contest for Your Best Savory Rice. Merrill makes some epic puns, and Amanda munches on shiso leaves.




HumbleBean December 5, 2009
I wanted to thank you both for this forum to share recipes. I love the idea of a bottom up cookbook and the exchange that's happening here!
Merrill S. December 5, 2009
Well, thank you too -- for being one of the contributors who make this all so much fun for us!
amreen December 4, 2009
oooh wow ... its sooo cool to see u guys making a recipe i love so much! and you are sooo right ... butter makes everything better :P
Amanda H. December 4, 2009
Just ate the leftovers -- delicious!
lastnightsdinner December 3, 2009
I love these videos :)

I had never had shiso until a co-worker in NY brought me some - after that I was hooked. I still haven't found a source here, but I used to be able to get it from Yuno's Farm at Union Square Greenmarket.

Again, two great recipes!
Amanda H. December 3, 2009
Thanks! Shiso is also difficult (more difficult than it should be) to find in Manhattan.