Top 5 Reasons You Should Join Us at the Piglet Party!

February  3, 2012

The Tournament of Cookbooks has been particularly fun this year -- from a delectable kick-off from the one and only Nigella Lawson to a judgement-in-the-form-of-totally-neat-cartoon, it has been one memorable Piglet.

Oh the controversy! The intrigue! As we draw ever nearer to its conclusion, it is perfectly normal to feel a looming sense of emptiness, even dread -- the now-what blues are creeping in on you, and they're not cool. Well, fear not! There is an antidote. You must overwhelm this mildly bummed out sensation with a radical good time, and a really good beer or two, preferably imbibed in the company of inspiringly smart, impossibly witty, food-erific glitterati.

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Where, you ask, might you go to find all of these terrific things? Why, The Piglet Party of course! Monday, Feburary 6th, we're hosting the 3rd annual Piglet Party to celebrate this crazy whirlwind of a tournament and you are invited! Come celebrate another year of The Piglet and join us in presenting the winner with the piggy-rific Trophy (above) as well as congratulating the winner of the People's Choice (by the way, have you voted yet?). Join us! 

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Still need a little nudge? Here are the Top 5 Most Exciting Things About this Year's Piglet Party:

1. Very Cool Authors/Contenders are Coming! 

Just a taste of who you could rub elbows with if you get yourself to the Piglet Party: 

The warm and wonderful Melissa Clark! The painfully cool Kurt Gutenbrunner! And of course our own lovely and amazing Amanda Hesser, to name a few. In addition to schmoozing it up with you and yours, they've agreed to spend a bit of time signing books, too.


2. Very Cool Judges Are Coming!

Heard of that cool lady, Carla Hall?

She'll be there! So will David Tanis! and Annisa's own Anita Lo!


3. Fancy Drinks Poured By Fancy People!

Cathy Erway, of the radio show "Let's Eat In" on the Heritage Radio Network, as well as her blog Not Eating Out in NY will be on hand pouring beer! And not just any old swill -- we'll be serving the four signature beers of Brooklyn's own ultra-fab Sixpoint Brewery.


For those of a more caffinated inclination, Craft Coffee (as mentioned in the Food52 "52"!) will be there serving some up some of their wonderful wares. 



Plus cocktails and wine and these crazy herby sodas from Ayala

4. Lots of Delicious Nibbles

Mind-blowingly delicious treats from Liddabit Sweets (we have been test-tasting all week, and believe us, they are not to be missed. We're partial to "The Dorie", as in Greenspan, pictured below!)



Equally mind-blowing, the tongue-teasing toffees of Lush Toffee

Nutty noshes from Nuts + Nuts!

And many many more! 

5. The Party is at General Assembly 

It's where our offices are, and it's a really futuristic and cool space. Come check it out and party it up with us! We're pretty fun, and we'd love to have you. 

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The Piglet—inspired by The Morning News' Tournament of Books—is where the 16 most notable cookbooks of the year face off in a NCAA-style bracketed tournament. Watch the action and weigh in on the results!


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wssmom February 6, 2012
I am so there
SKK February 5, 2012
Well, if you did this on the West Coast that would be fun. Not everything food happens east of the Rockies! LOL
The S. February 6, 2012
To which I say not everything happens on the coasts! ;) Alas wish I could go....
KateSmith February 5, 2012
Can't wait!!