Video: Whisk-Free Whipped Cream

March 23, 2012

Inspired by conversations on the FOOD52 Hotline, we're sharing tips and tricks that make navigating all of our kitchens easier and more fun. Today, Amanda's showing us how to whip cream without a whisk.

Say you're really jonesing for some whipped cream. You have a big pile of strawberries or a slab of chocolate cake, even some cold whipping cream and a bowl on hand -- but you can't find your dang whisk. Or maybe you broke it. Humor us.

What Amanda is here to tell you is that you don't even need that whisk -- you can get by with an implement that's even more pedestrian. Watch the video below, for a trick you may not want to try at home.

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This week's video was shot and edited by our buddy Drew Lavyne, the founder/director of Six Minute Stories and the producer of the super helpful Teach Me Sushi iPhone app. He also helped us out with our Holiday iPad app

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jo February 23, 2014
three years later, and thought i'd say thanks, for the giggle...and the tip.
aargersi March 26, 2012
Ha! Your poor arm Next up, dark roux the stirring way - 40 minutes or so of stirring and trying desperately not to scald the flour. In case you go camping sans oven :-)
fhp March 26, 2012
I like the cream pitcher.
Where can I get one some day?
I beat my mayonnaise with a wooden spoon.
Boring but lovely.
Amanda H. March 26, 2012
That was a gift from Merrill -- isn't it handsome? I'll ask her.
ValC March 25, 2012
Do you know, it's even easier than that - I just dump the cold cream and maybe a bit of confectioner's sugar into a small jar (or tupperware if the jars are otherwise occupied) and shake until it's whipped into shape.
Amanda H. March 26, 2012
That sounds *too* easy.. :)
Greenstuff March 26, 2012
I have a friend who frequently volunteers to bring dessert when we invite her to dinner. She often shows up with a little jar of cream, and as the meal winds down, she gets it out and starts shaking. While the rest of us are finishing up our wine, she's chatting along and making the whipped cream.
Rhonda35 March 24, 2012
Okay, that, by far, was your funniest video yet! PT will be so happy that you made him "famous." Two points: (1) not too many campers carry refrigerators filled with cold bowls, cold heavy cream and cold forks...but, that isn't the real obstacle...the main problem is that (2) most campers do not take my super-powered husband camping with them! He could whip that cream with a fork in 2 minutes flat! haha Despite all the overheating, you look lovely in this video - seriously - like, could anyone be more gorgeous while they whipped cream for 10 minutes straight...I don't think so. xoxo p.s. Looking forward to making butter w/ chopsticks, smarty pants!
Amanda H. March 26, 2012
Ha! 1. Really? 2. True!
arielleclementine March 23, 2012
ha! awesome video! way to go amanda!
Amanda H. March 26, 2012
Randi March 23, 2012
I needed a laugh. Thank you!
inpatskitchen March 23, 2012
So glad that whisk attachment came with the Viking immersion blender you so thoughtfully sent me!!
LLStone March 23, 2012
Weren't you forking instead of whisking? :)
Amanda H. March 26, 2012
Fair point.
carol_tanenbaum March 23, 2012
So what's a little carpal tunnel syndrome in the quest for whipped cream?
Amanda H. March 26, 2012
No pain, no gain.
Kitchen B. March 23, 2012
Well done Amanda! Only 10 minutes later...and all that sweat. Come on :-)