UPDATE: 3-4 PM TODAY - Melissa Clark's Hotline Office Hours

March 29, 2012

Calling all Hotliners!

We're proud to announce a new feature on the Hotline next week: Office Hours, in which our favorite cookbook authors, chefs and producers will be on the line to help with your questions about cooking in real time.

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Kicking off Office Hours is Melissa Clark, award-winning New York Times food columnist and author of over 30 cookbooks including The Piglet 2011 contender Cook This Now.

You might try asking Melissa for the best variations on her famous crunchy kugel, or get advice on which herbs to add to her genius duck confit. She'll do her best to answer your burning cooking questions!

Here are the details:

• Melissa Clark will be answering questions on Thursday, March 29 from 3-4pm EST from the Hotline, Twitter, and our FOOD52 Hotline iPhone app (download it free here).
• On the Hotline & Hotline app, be sure to include #askmelissaclark in the Title of your question.
• On Twitter, be sure to include #askmelissaclark and @food52hotline in your question so we can find your tweet!

See you on the Hotline!

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ATG117 March 26, 2012
I love the way Food52 is developing. I feel as though there have been so many great additions recently with the likes of of Feed52, Big Feast, and now office hours. Do the questions addressed to Melissa need to be about her recipes and her book or can they be about her career, her favorite restaurants/foodie places at the moment, etc.?
Nozlee S. March 27, 2012
We're so happy to hear you've been enjoying the site! As for Melissa's Office Hours, you're welcome to ask her anything loosely food-related that you'd like -- within reason, of course!
Lauren's P. March 26, 2012
For an upcoming party, I was thinking of serving gourges as an appitizer. Do you have a recipe and any suggestions on advance preparations?
Nozlee S. March 26, 2012
Thanks for your question, Lauren's Plate -- we hope you'll submit it on the Hotline or via Twitter on Thursday from 3-4pm!
arielleclementine March 24, 2012
this is so much fun!!
Panfusine March 24, 2012
'LIKE" :-)