Last year, I lived in Rome from August to December. Dropped into a world of strictly-seasonal cuisine, I was lucky; I got the best of the summer, fall, and (very mild) winter. I got fat, juicy tomatoes. I got earthy porcini. I got sharp, biting puntarelle, dressed with anchovy and olive oil. 

But I'm greedy. 

I want meaty carciofi (artichokes), tender peas, perfect squash blossoms: produce that Roman cuisine celebrates in the springtime. I want a glass of Frascati; I want a view of the Tiber. But since I'm now back in America, I'm cooking these Roman dishes until spring turns into summer. I'm making my own Roman spring -- and you can, too.

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Baby Purple Artichokes Fried in Olive Oil by SippitySup

Fried Artichokes


Bruschetta with Ricotta, Honey and Lemon Zest by merrill

Bruschetta with Ricotta


Radish Salad with Anchovy Sauce by amanda

Radish Salad with Anchovy Sauce


Squash Blossom and Garlic Frittata by amanda

Squash Blossom and Garlic Frittata


Sugar Snap Peas with Lemon-Chili Breadcrumbs by merrill

Sugar Snap Peas


Daddy's Carbonara by Eric Lifton

Daddy's Carbonara


Luciana's Porchetta by Aliwaks

Luciana's Porchetta


Louisa's Cake by SML Office

Luisa's Cake

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Written by: Brette Warshaw

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pierino April 17, 2012
God I love Rome! My favorite city on the planet. I do miss those puntarelle as well as the Roman style pizza bianca. And down in Testaccio, Rome's real kitchen, abbacchio and trippa alla romana. Testaccio and the Ghetto (for cucina Ebraica) are the real, authentic Roman food neighborhoods.