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Will You Marry Me?

December 21, 2009

Merrill and Jonathan

Hope I've hacked my way far enough into your heart that you'll say yes.

All my love, Jonathan

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marsiamarsia September 1, 2015
What a great-looking couple! Happy Anniversary (whenever it is!)!
Merrill S. September 1, 2015
Thank you! We just had our fifth!
Neering December 27, 2011
Fabulous!! Congratulations to you both and well wishes for a beautiful future together!!
Babette's F. January 9, 2010
Merrill, I just saw this post now, wow, I am so happy for you and Jonathan, waht a lovely way to propose. May God shower you with good luck, and the best life can bring you.
dancing K. December 24, 2009
Congratulations....what a lovely couple!
Sugartoast December 23, 2009
Oh my goodness, how romantic! Congratulations!!
(This blog just gets better and better.)

dymnyno December 23, 2009
Ain't love grand!!! Merry Christmas to you both and to all food 52 ers!!!
spinthebottleny December 23, 2009
Congrats you guys! Love this proposal. May I suggest the Iron Horse Wedding Cuvée 2004?
Merrill S. December 23, 2009
But of course!
Sodium G. December 28, 2009
Congratulations! I just saw this post. I am newly engaged too and let me just say, that Iron Horse Wedding Cuvee is amazing. I know Joy quite well from Iron Horse, so if you want to go do an absolutely necessary pre-wedding, bridal tasting, I'd love to accompany you!
Jennifer A. December 23, 2009
What a wonderful holiday surprise! Congratulations!
Janneke V. December 23, 2009
I guess that means yes! Congratulations to both of you!!
Allison C. December 23, 2009
Merrill: Congratulations! What wonderful news. I hope that you and Jonathan will be very, very happy, and that the chemistry in your life together will be every bit as wonderful as that in your kitchen. I feel lucky to be part of the Food52 community, especially with such a public expression of love and joy here! Cheers, happy holidays, and all the best for an exciting new chapter in 2010. ~ Allison
csalerno December 23, 2009
Indeed, there was no better gift to give your family this year than this wonderful news. We are all happy to share in this joyous moment and send our warmest congratulations. Chantal and Mark Salerno
Nancy J. December 23, 2009
This news made my year! So happy for you both.
Merrill S. December 23, 2009
Again, thanks to all of you who have taken the time to comment below -- your messages have really made this experience an amazing one for both us. And I agree: he couldn't have done much better on the proposal front! Hope you all have the happiest of holidays.
Mardi M. December 23, 2009
Congrats! How romantic!
TheWimpyVegetarian December 22, 2009
What a fabulous way to propose! You both have a lot of people raising a glass to toast you and your happiness. Many congrats and hope there are many years full of joy and celebration of your love ahead for you both!
agamom December 22, 2009
What fantastic news! And such a creative, inventive proposal - how fun! Enjoy the beauty of the moment and look forward to the richness that life is sure to bring to you both. Our very, very, best wishes!
mcs3000 December 22, 2009
Fabulously wonderful. Congratulations, Merrill and Jonathan!
Veronica December 22, 2009
What an enormous and joyful present you have given everyone--am still weepy (with glee) and so looking forward to the days ahead. Congratulations and all the love in the world to you both. You've put those glorious smiles of yours on any people's faces and in many people's hearts today!
debbiek December 22, 2009
Wow, what a great proposal! Mazel tov!
mtompkins December 22, 2009
So excited and happy for you! Thanks for sharing the love.