Make Mozzarella Potlucks

May  2, 2012

Last weekend, 30 groups of FOOD52ers gathered together all over the country to make mozzarella from scratch at our very first Make Mozzarella Potluck – and we couldn’t be more grateful. Everyone went above and beyond. There was homemade pizza, freshly baked bread, and more, all using freshly-pulled mozzarella and olive oil from California Olive Ranch. (Don't forget that you can buy your own in the FOOD52 Shop!)

And, as promised, one lucky FOOD52er was chosen to win a year's supply of olive oil. Congratulations to phoebe's pure food!

Now, take a moment to check out some highlights below!

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Honolulu, HI


A crowd showed up for vivbest's potluck, including gingerroot. Here, a guest checks the temperature of the curdling milk.

Jackson, WY


Hands protected with plastic gloves, jacksonholefoodie stretches out the elastic curds. Her group made a classic margherita pie, taken to a whole new level with fresh mozzarella.

Mays Landin, NJ

Connie Perk and her guests enjoyed three batches of fresh mozzarella with homemade bread, polenta, stuffed artichokes, and a Caesar salad.

Reading / Lancaster, NJ


phoebe's pure food's guests hold up their just-made balls of mozzarella. Kneading the mozzarella take a gentle touch!

Old Greenwich, CT


A beauty shot of strained curds at rccooks' potluck, and the resultant spread of mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil, and more. 

Boston/Cambridge, MA


The potluck hosted by tarabellucci and the Boston Food Swap made a gorgeous knot of mozzarella to share with their olive oil.

San Francisco, CA


It looks so effortless -- kristah and her guests formed beautiful mozzarella balls. 

State College, PA


A delicious platter of mozzarella from lc's kitchen's gathering; the cheese curds turned into a lovely cream cheese which was spread onto warm toasts with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt.

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Amanda H. May 18, 2012
I love reading about the potlucks -- looking forward to the next one!
AntoniaJames May 18, 2012
Now that summer's just about here . . . how about potlucks for making summer fruit pies and tarts?!! I cannot imagine a more fun way to share my love of cooking/baking with my FOOD52 friends (and yet-to-meet-friends, of course). And imagine the exuberant variety of pies and tarts that this community would produce! Please, Amanda, pretty please . . . . ;o)
Amanda H. May 18, 2012
Great idea -- I shared this with our editorial team!
AntoniaJames May 18, 2012
Get King Arthur to sponsor! They have so many intelligent, thoughtful little tools and other products on their site. You'd think the fit would be perfect. ;o)
Kitchen B. May 2, 2012
What an inspiring group - making Mozzarella is my dream! Unfortunately, I froze my liquid rennet,,,,,and will have to wait till I can get some more!
AntoniaJames May 2, 2012
KB, send me your address please via the messaging system here and I'll send you some tablets posthaste. ;o)