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Test Kitchen Top 3: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

May 23, 2012

We had yet another day of slinging it out in the test kitchen preparing for our amazing Mango community picks (among other recipes, of course). Here's what stood out for us:

First, the good. Kristen made sure to suit up with a fresh tea towel before whipping the soft peaks out of a pint of cream -- she makes it look so easy! I hear bibs are all the rage this season:

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Now for the (kinda) bad -- we've never relied on tricks or hacks to make our food photos look the way they do. Unfortunately, that means we occasionally get A&M struggling against the clock with rapidly-melting ice cream as our fantastic photographer James Ransom shoots away as fast as he can. (The ice cream itself? Delicious!)

And the ugly: that yellow marble is not, in fact, a yellow marble. It's an egg yolk, hardboiled and practically alien-like! Happily, the recipe that the yolk goes into is much more delicious than than crumbly yellow guys is by itself...

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