Garnish: Picnic Time

June  1, 2012

The weather is warm, the days are long, and new produce is popping up at the market -- it is officially picnic season. Time to get serious about your picnic gear. Dust off your favorite basket and fill it with these goodies -- from solar powered radios to shatterproof wine glasses -- which are guaranteed to spruce up an already fun occasion. 

Solar Radio

A little bit of music makes everything more fun. This solar powered radio will keep you shimmying all picnic-season long -- no batteries required. 

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Denim Blanket

A good picnic blanket is crucial. You need something tough with a little cushion (you are sitting on the ground, after all), you need this blanket.


These cloth napkins come in a paper towel-like roll. Yes, you tear away your cloth napkin from a roll. Why bother with paper when you can use (and wash and reuse) these? 


Govino cups

Delicate-looking plastic wine glasses that are shatterproof, washable, reusable, and recyclable. We can safely say that these are picnic essentials. 


Smaller versions of these enamel containers are used for toting Amanda's Kid's Lunch to school -- tried and true, they pass the picnic container test. 

Wooden CutleryPlates

Disposable plates and utensils can feel so flimsy, we've found a solution: wooden cutlery and bamboo plates. Not only are they hefty, they're more sustainable than plastic, and they look nice. 

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    Amanda Hesser
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CarlaCooks June 3, 2012
Several of my girlfriends who have small children swear by those wine glasses! They fit comfortably in the hand with the thumb indentation, and no big deal if one of the little ones swipes it to the floor (so long as it's empty, of course!).
Amanda H. June 1, 2012
I bought the wine glasses for my mother last year -- they were a complete revelation to her. She lives in Florida and eats outdoors all the time, so they're perfect!