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Amanda's Kids' Lunch

April 20, 2012

Lots of green in Walker and Addie's lunches these days. Amanda describes one of her warm-weather standards:

My springtime cheat: artichokes, asparagus, and peas. I use frozen artichoke hearts and peas, mix them in a saucepan with lots of olive oil, thyme, a smashed garlic clove, and salt, then cook them, covered, over medium high heat, just until heated through and any liquid is cooked off. Then I take the lid off, let them cool until just warm, and fold in thinly sliced asparagus. It stays a little crunchy, which I like.

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I make a bunch and keep this in the fridge all week, adding lemon juice or sherry vinegar, plus more oil, when serving. Here, I paired it with Moonlight Chaource from The Amazing Real Live Food Co., and triple chocolate espresso cookies for dessert.

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bella S. April 24, 2012
Just wondering how their teacher feels about kids on triple chocolate espresso cookies. Really used to hate the day after Halloween at school. My other thought... would you consider adopting me?
lindycindy April 22, 2012
Yummy, did you encounter any resistance from the kids or are you a smart mommy and feed them good things like this all the time?