Winner of Your Best Radishes and Turnips

June 13, 2012


Congratulations to Kukla whose Crunchy Celery, Radishes and Turnips Salad-Slaw in Blue Cheese Sauce won this week's contest for Your Best Radishes and Turnips!


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1. Describe an early food experience that has influenced the way you think about food and/or cooking.
Because I grew up with amazing cooks, I was confident and excited the first time that I hosted a dinner party for my friends. They were so kind and showered me with praise, which encouraged me to keep cooking for my family and friends.  

2. What's your least favorite food?
Having been a chubby kid, I rarely ate pasta while I was growing up. After years of avoiding it, I’m still not pasta’s biggest fan. 

3. What is the best thing you've made so far this year?
I am very proud of the Lemon-Ricotta Bars recipe I created. But my granddaughter insists that my berry streusel pies are my greatest creation. 

4. Describe your most spectacular kitchen disaster.
I love to experiment in the kitchen and so far, my biggest disaster was my failed attempt at making Gougéres. Instead of using a hard cheese, I used soft goat cheese. The results were shy Gougéres that refused to rise. 

5. What is your idea of comfort food?
When I think “comfort food,” my mind immediately goes to meat stew with potatoes and mushroom. 

6. Apron or no apron? 
I’m a no apron kind of girl. 

7. What's your favorite food-related scene in a movie?
I’ve always loved the scene in “The Mirror Has Two Faces” when Barbra Streisand’s character tries to construct the perfect bite of food. And of course, in “Julie & Julia,” I loved watching how much Julia Child truly savored the food in France. 

8. If you could make a show-stopping dinner for one person, living or dead, who would it be?
My mom. 

9. You prefer to cook: a) alone; b) with others; c) it depends on your mood

10. When it comes to tidying up, you usually: a) clean as you cook; b) do all the dishes once you've finished cooking; c) leave the kitchen a shambles for your spouse/roommate/kids to clean
I clean as I cook. Piles of dirty dishes discourage me from cooking. I like a clean kitchen!


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Kukla June 16, 2012
Thank you so, so much dear ladies for all your kind, warm and beautiful greetings!!!
I am very happy and proud to be a member of such wonderful community!
boulangere June 16, 2012
Warm congratulations on your win for such a lovely creation!
aargersi June 16, 2012
Congratulations! You are a fantastic cook - love to read your Q&A!
hardlikearmour June 15, 2012
Congratulations, Kukla! I can't wait to try your salad - it's simple, elegant, and looks to be bursting with flavors I love.
EmilyC June 14, 2012
Warm congrats, Kukla! Very happy for you! Your winning salad and lemon-ricotta bars are on my must-try-soon list!
TheWimpyVegetarian June 14, 2012
Many congrats to you kukla!! Your recipe looks wonderful!
Kukla June 14, 2012
Thank you so very much ChezSuzanne!!!
inpatskitchen June 13, 2012
So happy for you, Kukla!! A well deserved win. Congratulations!!
Kukla June 13, 2012
Thanks inpatskitchen! I am having a blast today answering the kind and wonderful greetings from so many of you, talented and considerate friends at food52!
drbabs June 13, 2012
Congratulations, Kukla! I'm so happy for you!
Kukla June 13, 2012
Thank you so much dear drbabs, I know you are happy for me!!! Since my early days at food52, you were very nice and I will always remember that I got my first Community Pick for the recipe you tested.
Midge June 13, 2012
Congratulations Kukla! Nice to read more about you.
Kukla June 13, 2012
Thank you kindly Midge!!!
lapadia June 13, 2012
Congratulations, again Kukla, excited for you and I loved reading about your food history!
Kukla June 13, 2012
Thanks a million lapadia!!!
Kukla June 13, 2012
Thank you Bevi for always being kind and attentive!
Kukla June 13, 2012
Thank you So, So very much Amanda and Merrill for choosing my recipe as a finalist!!!
Many thanks to all my fellow cooks who voted and for all the warm and encouraging comments!!! I am very excited, this is my first win!
Bevi June 13, 2012
It's so nice to learn about your life in the kitchen. Your granddaughter and whole family are very lucky!