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Too Many Babies: No Such Thing

June 15, 2012

You'll be hearing from the staff babies at FOOD52 every week in Too Many Cooks Babies, our group column in which we pool our answers to questions about food, cooking, life, and more children are adorable all the time.

We really wanted to share our photos with you this week, but Charlie (Peter Steinberg's son) and Clara (Merrill's daughter) unequivocally stole the show. Peter, who is something of a baby whisperer, was able to divine the secret drama unfolding between the babies as they played together.

Secret drama, you ask? Well, read on for his story... 

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Once upon a time, when Clara and Charlie were only a few weeks old, they met for the first time. He snuggled up to her, but she wanted nothing to do with a boy who wore monster socks...

Four months later, Charlie still has a thing for Clara. He decides to start with the tried and true "nonchalant stretch and grab."

Upon contact, Clara is surprised and soon after...

...Clara is happy!

...and Charlie is happy!

But then, Clara remembers that a lady doesn't let her jumper get pulled down on the second date! There's only one way to deal with a monster-sock-wearing, jumper-grabber -- duck, Charlie!

Fortunately, Clara reconsiders and decides that 5-month-old girls don't hit -- they discuss their differences. (Charlie, being a boy of any age, is only half-listening.)

And with that, all is back to hand-holding happiness. The End.

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Sodium G. June 19, 2012
I love this so much. Please keep this column going. What dolls.
susan G. June 15, 2012
Is that a dragon in Charlie's pocket? Who has a monster thing going, anyway?
More babies! more stories! If there was a baby here, we'd read this for a bedtime story.
Peter June 15, 2012
He may wear monster socks, but that's no dragon -- it's an alligator (or crocodile I suppose).

You want more on the babies? How about some of the trials and travails of introducing solid foods? That's going to start in 3 weeks or so and should be... interesting. Or at least photogenic. ;-)
Shalini June 15, 2012
Probably the best story of the day. Can't wait to see what unfolds next in their relationship!
fiveandspice June 15, 2012
Oh heavens! My cute-ometer just went rocketing past measurable levels!
Peter June 15, 2012
Yeah, Charlie and Clara have a way of doing that. Half of it is the clothing. :-)
fiveandspice June 15, 2012
Yeah! I want monster shoes for myself!
SKK June 15, 2012
Love, love, love this!
EmilyC June 15, 2012
Hilarious, and so darn cute!