Your Best Broccoli Video

January 21, 2010

This week, it's dueling roasted broccoli dishes: one with a smoked paprika vinaigrette, the other with anchovies, garlic and lemon. We also have a new director: Tim Wu, who is a recent NYU film school grad. He used two cameras, so keep an eye out for some some fancy close-ups!

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    Amber Olson
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CalcuttaChow October 26, 2011
I really enjoyed watching this video!

Frantasticfood January 24, 2010
I was looking for something to do with the broc that's in my fridge and now I have TWO options! I've got the smoked paprika, so that's going to have to be it for now, but I will definitely get some anchovies later in the week and try the other recipe.

Thanks for the inspiration!
Merrill S. January 24, 2010
I've made both at home since we tested these (multiple times) last week!
MrsWheelbarrow January 22, 2010
two fantastic recipes sure to be on my dinner table. thank you!
arielleclementine January 22, 2010
thank you!
mariaraynal January 22, 2010
thanks so much!
Amber O. January 21, 2010
I made the one with smoked paprika the other night and it rocked!
arielleclementine January 21, 2010
wow! thanks!
aargersi January 22, 2010
I made it last night too and it was REALLY good! I have a bit of dressing left over for other delicious application TBD
arielleclementine January 22, 2010
hey, thanks aagersi!
mariaraynal January 22, 2010
I'm excited to make the smoked paprika recipe, too.
arielleclementine January 22, 2010
thanks, maria! i can't wait to try yours, too! also, i checked out your blog, and it's really wonderful :)

if you guys don't already know about it, check out !
mariaraynal January 22, 2010
Aww, thanks for the shout out,arielleclementine -- so nice of you! : )
mariaraynal January 21, 2010
It's such a thrill to watch you two cook my recipe -- thank you!
arielleclementine January 21, 2010
what fun! thank you so much!
Tribeca M. January 21, 2010
I vote for the Broccoli with anchovies and garlic...yummy.
mariaraynal January 22, 2010
Thank you so much!