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Test Kitchen Top 3: Clara, Clara, Clara

July 26, 2012

Okay, so we cooked some stuff in the test kitchen on Tuesday. You know, food? All that will be on the site soon enough, but the most important event of the day was that Merrill's tiny 6-month-old daughter Clara came to visit.

Today we dedicate our test kitchen top 3 to adorable baby pictures. (But you can find lots of our non-baby shenanigans here, if you so desire.)

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1. Babies love fur. Clara couldn't get enough of this furry brown throw, so her mom kindly held her up while she explored. Aren't their matching profiles the cutest? Also the cutest: Clara's tiny pink hairbow, seen here peeking out from her silky blonde hair.

2. Babies love their own feet. Clara appears to have a career as a yoga teacher ahead of her -- if she can keep from eating her own delicious toes, that is.

3. Babies love Broccoli Cooked Forever. Clara stayed in the test kitchen for lunch, which for her was Roy Finamore's Broccoli Cooked Forever. Turns out it's not just Genius -- it's perfect for baby geniuses, too.

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cookinginvictoria July 30, 2012
Such a cutie! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pics, Merrill! So great that Clara gave a thumbs up to the Broccoli Cooked Forever recipe!
Miafoodie July 26, 2012
Awww.. . she is beautiful!!! Love her blondness. Thanks for the pictures!.
Devangi R. July 26, 2012
She is such a darling! The other day I addresses her as Gudiya, I totally forgot I need to translate that it means "doll ".
Lizthechef July 26, 2012
Oh, I want to hold your beautiful little girl - too sweet!
Merrill S. July 26, 2012
Thanks, all! She just got her first two teeth, so her food world is about to get a whole lot more exciting...
drbabs July 26, 2012
Thanks for sharing that precious baby with us!
aargersi July 26, 2012
Ridiculously cute! She has grown so much already. I was seriously JUST thinking we hadn't seen the babies in awhile. Charlie needs to make an appearance too!!
theicp July 26, 2012
Oh my goodness she is too cute for words!