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Meet Food52's New VP of Technology!

August  6, 2012


karl rosaen  real time farms

We're really proud of our team at FOOD52 (and their babies, their favorite food movies, and so on) -- so we're thrilled to announce its newest members: Today, Karl Rosaen joins FOOD52 as our VP of Technology, along with the rest of the core team from Real Time Farms.

Karl is a former Google engineer -- he worked on the team that launched the Android phone, as well as on the team that ran the Adwords API. He's also the founder (with his wife Cara) of Real Time Farms, the first ever crowd-sourced nationwide food guide. Since we're the first ever crowd-sourced curated cooking site, we're like internet soulmates, finally coming together.

We're delighted to be working together with Karl and with Real Time Farms, a company we've long admired. As much fun as we have around here, FOOD52 was started with a mission -- in short, to get more people cooking -- and Real Time Farms' mission goes hand-in-hand. 

Please join us in welcoming Karl to the FOOD52 team -- and the community!

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Read Real Time Farms' announcement here.


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Karl R. August 7, 2012
Thanks everyone, I'm really excited to join!
BoulderGalinTokyo August 7, 2012
Thank you Karl for joining the food52 community! If you need any help, like input, etc. let u know , we all want to improve A & M's vision!
Kitchen B. August 7, 2012
Welcome Karl! What a wonderful addition to the food52 family! You'll be well fed!
mcs3000 August 7, 2012
Awesome news.
All H. August 6, 2012
This is such an amazing merge and I am ecstatic to see where it goes. As a FOOD52 fanatic and Real Time Farms Food Warrior I can happily say the world seems like a better place! Happy eating.
Dan P. August 6, 2012
Exciting development. Look forward to seeing and experiencing the results!
Lloyd S. August 6, 2012
Now THAT is an inspired partnership -- Food 52 + Real Time Farms -- the world today is a better place than it was yesterday. Welcome to the RTF crew.
SKK August 6, 2012
Welcome Karl, and also welcome to Cara! What a wonderful joint venture! The Food52 community is lucky to have you!
AntoniaJames August 6, 2012
This is such a good idea. I've been armchair quarterbacking (to my myself, mostly) since joining FOOD52 in November 2009 as to how great it would be to truly localize many of the community activities and especially, its information sharing. It seems that Real Time Farms is a step in the right direction. My dream site would combine the best of FOOD52, RTF and a user-fueled, photo/other data supported service (like Kullect) to allow community members to report on and help others find the really good stuff that's available locally. E.g., would you like to know where to buy stunning Red Velvet Apricots for that dessert you saw on FOOD52, that you can't wait to make for your dinner party on Friday? Would you like to know what varieties of early apples have been spotted at your local farmers' market this weekend? Would you like to know what butcher will go upstairs into the shop's office to get you an ounce of pink curing salt (so you don't have to order it online) when you need to start curing some pork belly today for bacon you need next week? Anyway, welcome, Karl and RTF! ;o)
beyondcelery August 6, 2012
Welcome, Karl!
fiveandspice August 6, 2012
What an absolutely inspiring partnership! Welcome Karl! I'm sure everyone is totally psyched to have you.
Panfusine August 6, 2012
Ummm.. someone needs to take down the We're Hiring tab'
Panfusine August 6, 2012
Wonderful to Have you in the Food52 team..Welcome Karl!
Panfusine August 6, 2012
Wonderful to Have you in the Food52 team..Welcome Karl!