Test Kitchen Top 3: The Tiniest Mixologist

August  8, 2012

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With a schedule full of recipes for various columns -- Jenny's in the Kitchen, Genius, New Veganism, and more -- we set to work in the test kitchen well-fueled by Amanda's Nespresso machine. Here are three favorite moments from the day. (Don't worry: we have both on-the-job snacking and adorable children covered.)

1. Scoot Over! Cooking up the FOOD52 community's recipes is always a whirlwind -- yesterday, we found ourselves four deep at Amanda's counters and stove, elbow-to-elbow as Brette, Merrill, Nozlee, and Kristy worked on different recipes.

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2. Our 6-Year-Old Bartender: We made a few drinks yesterday, as well -- they're always fun because not only is there a short turnaround time, but we also get to sneak sips during the day. Not content to watch us shake freezy-cold cocktail shakers, Addie set about making her own mocktail out of bitters, water, a cinnamon stick, and lime. It was pretty good!

3. Mango Mouth: After Kristen cut up mangoes for an upcoming Genius recipe, Brette and Kristy attacked the leftover peels for their delicious stuck-on mango flesh. It made them very happy!

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Rhonda35 August 21, 2012
Future bartender!
KitchVega August 8, 2012
I love this pic....and I must confess I've been mixing drinks for my parents friends since I was about 7 or 8. Apparently I made a mean Rum and coke!