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Jenny's Own Gazpacho

August 20, 2012

Jenny is in perpetual search for easy, weeknight recipes to attempt to feed her family. When they balk, she just eats more.



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I adore all manner of gazpacho. I like it white, with Marcona almonds, and I am a huge fan of it red, with the traditional chunks of tomatoes. Watermelon version? Bring it on. 

I love gazpacho so much that I just got a parking ticket because I was distracted, lost in thought about cold soup. I’m really not too happy about that part. 

It occurred to me recently that in some ways, gazpacho is like a salad -- you can throw in a lot of standard ingredients into the mix, and then add a certain amount of  other stuff you have laying around the fridge to spiff it up.

Thus was born Fridge Crisper Gazpacho with Yogurt but not Bell Peppers. You start with the star ingredient -- the most delicious, succulent tomatoes you’re willing to empty your pockets for -- along with cucumbers; I prefer Persian. 

The garlic and a bit of a pepper -- cut it to the amount of spice you prefer -- give a kick, and cilantro helps that part along. Vinegar gives you some acid for balance. 

Yogurt, I realize, is controversial here. I added it because I wanted my soup to be my full meal, enjoyed with some fresh bread and an Aperol and soda. 

This recipe does not really hold on day two, so if you make it, do as I did, and eat it right after it is prepared. I took mine to the back deck where I sat and listened to the deafening sound of cicadas and swatted away the stink bugs and mosquitos and watched bacon girl, her legs now the color of fresh nutmeg, chase the dog through the yard.


Fridge Crisper Gazpacho with Yogurt but not Bell Peppers by Jestei

Makes 4 cups

4 Medium Tomatoes, cored
3 Persian cucumbers peeled and sliced
1 small garlic clove crushed
1 piece of banana pepper, or any pepper you like, minced
1 handful cilantro
3/4 cups plain yogurt preferably fully fatted
1/2 cup water
1 tablespoon (or to taste) white wine vinegar
some salt and pepper to taste

See the full recipe (and save it and print it) here.




Photo by Karen Mordechai

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    Heidi McKinnon
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Written by: Jestei

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Trillinchick August 26, 2012
What is "white gazpacho"? I've only had tomato gazpacho, and heard of watermelon gazpacho.
Trillinchick August 26, 2012
What is "white gazpacho"? I've only had tomato gazpacho, and heard of watermelon gazpacho.
Trillinchick August 26, 2012
What is "white gazpacho"? I've only had tomato gazpacho, and heard of watermelon gazpacho.
pierino August 26, 2012
In Spain white gazpacho is older than tomato gazpacho. It's made with almonds, stale bread, grapes and olive oil. It's okay to include some vinagre de jerez (sherry vinegar).
lowcountrycook August 26, 2012
At the distinctive risk of being considered a jerk by all, may I point out you don't have stuff laying around the fridge; you have stuff lying around the fridge. Thank you for having such delicious stuff lying around your fridge.
gluttonforlife August 26, 2012
I love you, kindred grammar queen
lowcountrycook August 26, 2012
Be still, my heart, I'm not alone!
MrsMehitabel August 27, 2012
Shouldn't that be "distinct risk"? (she inquired, cringing a bit)
lowcountrycook January 6, 2013
You know, you're right, MrsMehitabel! Thank you!
jlm August 26, 2012
If you want to make a large batch, you can top it with yogurt and stir it in to each serving. I do this a lot with hot soups because the yogurt separates when you reheat it. Or if you want a more chef-y look, just swirl it in a little.

Heidi M. August 26, 2012
I will have to try yogurt. I often make a version with coconut milk and an asian chile of choice.
gluttonforlife August 26, 2012
What—no olive oil?!
mcs3000 August 21, 2012
Love gazpacho. All kinds. You tweeted about your pizza-making woes. I can't make gazpacho. Mine always taste bland. I will try again w/this recipe.
Jestei August 21, 2012
oh i feel quite confident you can.
Bob Y. August 20, 2012
Hi Jennie - I love the scene of you on the porch, drink in hand, watching your daughter. A perfect moment (even with the mosquitos) perfectly told. Now, here's a question - would it work as a traditional gazpacho without the yogurt? Thanks in advance.
Jestei August 21, 2012
i think it would if you up the other stuff but there are probably better recipes on the site for that you should check out.
pierino August 20, 2012
I love gazpacho too. And the original gazpacho was white because it preceeded the introduction of the tomato from the New World into Spain.

I make gazpacho all summer long, and now with melons still ripe and delicious I've been using those instead of tomato. Coming up this week a curried gazpacho with yellow melon.