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Let Your Cooking Genius Win You Some Spice

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Do you like winning things? Do you like winning things that make your food taste good?


We thought you might.

Here’s how: Go to this brilliant offer page, highlighting chef, spice master, and FOOD52’s spice expert Lior Lev Sercaz. Then, tell us how you would use his exotic spice blends. On kebabs? In a marinade? (Don’t be a copy cat -- Lior has already claimed grilled lamb chops, shrimp, and fennel salad.)

Leave your inspired uses for his spice blends in the comment section of this post, and at the end of the offer (two weeks from now) the three best ideas will each win three jars of his signature spices. And, he’s picked them out just for you, so you can open up a whole new range of possibilities in your cooking.


Now put on your chef’s hats, think hard, and dazzle us with your recipe ideas!

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