Test Kitchen Top 3: When Brown Butter Strikes

August 15, 2012

Yesterday in the test kitchen, we cooked up the finalists and community picks for Your Best Pub Food. It was a bit of a crazy day -- so much deep frying! -- but a really delicious one too. Here are three snapshots of the day, dirty dishes and all. For more, follow us on Instagram at @food52.

1. The dishes never stop! We sometimes run the full dishwasher three times in just a day of work, and that's not counting all the hand-washing in between recipes.

2. Sometimes, Kristen gets brown butter all over her iPhone. Fortunately, Amanda's dish rack magically contains a perfectly iPhone-sized rack for drying it. (Don't worry, Kristen's phone is okay. And we ate the brown butter.)

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3. In a move straight out of Simon & Garfunkel, we chopped parsley, sage, and thyme for a recipe we cooked up. Where's the rosemary?

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