Nose To Tail Video

January 29, 2010

Have you ever felt your life would be more complete if only you knew how to cook beef cheeks or tripe? Here's your path to happiness: this week we're making Barbacoa Beef Cheek Tacos (great Super Bowl fare) and Pasquino's Trippa alla Romana. Tim Wu, a recent NYU film school grad, and his friend James, not only filmed the video but also chopped the celery and onions.


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aargersi January 30, 2010
Great job on the video - it's fun watching you two create our recipes ... and Merrill you did fine on my name, though that's only the first half of our last name! The whole thing is a bit daunting :-)
mariaraynal January 30, 2010
Another great video -- congratulations to both finalists!
Elycooks January 30, 2010
Just love your videos! You are both so personable and clearly enjoy each other's company. Bravo!