Aw Snaps: Great Road Farm

September 21, 2012

Every week our friends at Real Time Farms feature the top photos of farms, food artisans, and farmers markets shared on their site.

Farmer Steven Tomlinson cradles an armfull of freshly dug turnips on his farm in Skillman, New Jersey.  Also an independent artist and designer, Tomlinson describes the photo as, "...trying to cature the human element in food production. It is important for people to know how much work is involved in small scale agriculture. So, when selling a bunch of turnips for $3.50 at the market, that is actually a bargain for fresh local food. Food needs to be valued more evenly."  Click here to see more, and then add a photo of your own - you might be featured here next week!

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Real Time Farms is a crowd-sourced nationwide food guide. Everyone, from farmers to foodies, can share photos and information about food: how it was grown, who grew it and where to find it. We all deserve to know where our food comes from, and Real Time Farms enables you to trace your food back to the farm, so you can find food you feel good about eating.