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Superbowl Feast

February  4, 2010

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    Lucia from Madison
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Soozn February 9, 2010
One tiny bone to pick, Amanda! You write of keeping the husbands happy on superbowl sunday? I hosted the superbowl game in my household, and I am a wo - - o - man! (I'm alluding to that fabulous song from the 60's) placing my heart on the table for the Saints. OK -- Let's get down to it. I had to back the Saints w/ my menu. I called my friends down there who advised that anything BBQ was in. So, I browsed the web for a good recipe for BBQ shrimp. I hope you call on your readers some time to contribute BBQ recipes. I'm afraid like Mrslarkin above I didn't leave the time necessary to make this dish. I put a shitake load of cayenne and worstershire sauce though that didn't stop me. I rifled through google and came upon Emirl's cayenne-intensive recipe. It had a kick! But the darn thing never thickened, and became that gummy, syrupy, heavenly mess that you associate w/ BBQ. But I did the sweet potatoes New Orleans style, creating a casserole mixed with ripe bananas. You wouldn't think you'd want to add more sweet to sweet, but trust me, you do.

I topped it with walnuts which I'd dusted in coffee grinds.
That dish went! Felt a little better about the shrimp fiasco, which actually I never served.

Ordered me up a king cake, flown in from New Orleans for the occasion -- King cake if you haven't heard of it is a 17th century invention from France -- a briochy bagel shaped cake, topped with green, purple and yellow and glitter. Inside is a tiny tiny doll, a replica of the King, i.e. Jesus. In this case, he looked like he was all decked out for Mardi Gras sporting a three pronged jesters cap and adorable boots.

Champagne of course when our team won!


Amanda H. February 10, 2010
Thanks for your note! And not to worry -- I was only referring to the husbands mentioned in a note below here. I like football, too!
mrslarkin February 7, 2010
Got me a big ol' heap o' John Boy's Berkshire ribs yesterday. Making the Seriously Delicious Ribs tonight. Seriously.
Amanda H. February 8, 2010
How did they turn out?
mrslarkin February 8, 2010
Well, I screwed them up. More steamed than braised, and way overdone. My own fault for taking a nap at 4:00, you know, because I had to store up some energy for the marathon eating during the game. But then remembering “Oh shitake! These suckers have to cook for 2 ½ hours!” So I upped the temp to 275 and cooked them for 1 hr. 45 min. (I had about 4.5 lbs. ribs, so I figured it just might work.) Tasty sauce. Nicely caramelized under the broiler. Sconeman ate them, so that was good.
Amanda H. February 8, 2010
Love "Oh shiitake!" Will have to remember that next time I'm yelling about something.
mrslarkin February 8, 2010
Amanda yells? When? Where? You always seem so composed. ;-)
Lizthechef February 6, 2010
Hoping Amanda will follow through with the "spouse's favorite meal" idea - my husband agrees!
Amanda H. February 8, 2010
Will definitely add it to our list of ideas for the next theme discussion.
Lucia F. February 5, 2010
This being the first year my team is in the Super Bowl I have been looking for a recipe that requires little away from the TV. I found a rib recipe that my husband and I liked and will be using a couple of these recipes as starters.
Go Saints!
Amanda H. February 5, 2010
Great -- enjoy, and have fun on Sunday.
NakedBeet February 4, 2010
great, great collection for the night. Now as to how to decide...
Amanda H. February 5, 2010
Print this out, tack it to the wall, and throw a dart.
sweet E. February 4, 2010
fabulous list. I was hoping you guys would do this!
Amanda H. February 5, 2010
Kelsey B. February 4, 2010
I don't like football, but I would happily use the big game as an excuse to make all of these delicious things!
Meister February 4, 2010
Those salted peanut-butter cookies just made it to the top of my to-do list.
Amanda H. February 5, 2010
It's a great recipe, different from most hefty peanut-butter cookies.
drbabs February 4, 2010
Who Dat?! In honor of the Saints' first time being in the Super Bowl, we're making seafood gumbo and red beans and rice. Enjoy y'all, and Geaux Saints!!
Merrill S. February 4, 2010
Way to represent!
aargersi February 4, 2010
Hmm - maybe this is duck and andouille gumbo weekend for us??? Hmmm
lastnightsdinner February 4, 2010
Is there ever a wrong time for gumbo? :D
Amanda H. February 5, 2010
Good point.
mrslarkin February 4, 2010
yay! love these themed menu selections. Let's do more.
Merrill S. February 4, 2010
Sounds like a plan. We love putting together these menus, so it's great to hear that you all enjoy them.
Jennifer P. February 4, 2010
We're on the same wavelength—I'm making the ribs for my husband's 50th birthday celebration which just happens to fall on superbowl sunday.
WinnieAb February 4, 2010
My hubbie's bday is Monday! Looks like chocolate bday cake will be in order, too...
AntoniaJames February 4, 2010
Mr. T's is tomorrow! He's getting an all-Food52 dinner + cake celebration on his B-Day, PLUS we're doing an all-Food52 for the Super Bowl festivities . . . . Mr T.'s a happy beneficiary of this wonderful community and the ever-growing and always-amazing treasure trove of information, ideas and recipes. As are we all. ;o)
Amanda H. February 5, 2010
Happy birthday to the husbands! Sounds like they're going to eat well. Makes me think we should do a "Spouse's Favorite Meal" theme.
WinnieAb February 4, 2010
Food52 superbowl snacks. Love it.
aargersi February 4, 2010
yum on ALL of this - who needs the game, it's really about the snacks and commercials right? :-)
ps Go Saints
Merrill S. February 4, 2010
You said it!
coffeefoodwrite February 5, 2010
I agree!!=)