Test Kitchen Top 3: The Tiniest Chefs

October  3, 2012

It was a day of imaginary cooking, real cooking, and great food in the test kitchen on Tuesday, prepping photographs that you'll be seeing on the site in the coming days and weeks. We couldn't pick just three photos today, so we grouped them into three categories -- as always, you can find more of what we're up to on Instagram @food52!

1. The tiniest restauranteurs: Addie kept us busy all day with delicious meals from her restaurant, serving a tiny, ever-replenishing, ever-varying, and invisible array of dishes. Meanwhile, Walker wrote down his recipe for a salad. Sounds like a winner to us!

2. Precision is everything: When there are so many of us in the kitchen, it's important to keep things precise. Our new intern Marian reorganized our spice drawer alphabetically, from Aleppo Pepper to Zaatar, and Kristen rejected this springform as being too big after pulling out a measuring tape -- when a recipe says nine-inch pan, we use a nine-inch pan!

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3. It's time for your closeup: It's always important to stop and appreciate the food, whether it's carrots all lined up in a row or a breathtakingly dramatic-looking slab of prosciutto.

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