Your Best Oysters

February  5, 2010

Watch us make this week's oyster finalists: Grilled (or Broiled) Oysters with a Sriracha Lime Butter and Fried Oysters with Saffron AioliAs a bonus, our friend (and camera man) James conducts a brief lesson in Oyster Shucking.

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Sam1148 October 26, 2011
Sometime fresh oysters are hard to find fresh. For cooked oyster applications like broiled or oyster Rockefeller: I have a bag of cleaned oyster shells. It take some time to clean the shells soak, boil, bleach, scrub etc and use those with the preshucked oysters. So, save your shells!
A "Church Key" type can opener is also good to shuck a fresh oyster. Finding that sweet spot on the hinge is the trick there.
For gloves; leather "Weider gloves" are cheap and work well. They also make great oven mitts.
Gwendolyn February 10, 2010
Congratulations to all of the winners. Melissa, your oyster recipe sounds s-o-o-o- good. Can't wait to give it a try. Great photo of you guys!
Emilystubbs February 9, 2010
I was awarded 12 stitches in my left thumb last time I tried to shuck an oyster with a very sharp knife! Highly suggest a chain mail glove instead of a cloth and LOVE the screwdriver idea.
Maybe us Kansas Stubbs' should stick to shucking corn and leave the oysters to you? Thanks Merrill - always love your videos.
Amanda H. February 10, 2010
Emily -- good point, and do you know a good mail order source for a chain-mail glove?
Emilystubbs February 11, 2010
Hi Amanda -
I found one at
Keep up the good work!
Emilystubbs February 11, 2010
The glove is pretty expensive ($139.95).
But I recall the stitches and all the pain-killing vodka being very
expensive too!
mrslarkin February 7, 2010
Had to run out and get that Sriracha sauce, looked so good. It's nice! I used it on my chicken wings tonight instead of the Franks Red Hot. Sorry Frank.
Amanda H. February 8, 2010
It has a nice tang to it.
ltedixon February 7, 2010
Love the kid noises in the background. Nice to know that I am not alone in trying to cook and care.
Amanda H. February 8, 2010
Their hands, reaching over the counter, have also made it into a few videos.
Rhonda35 February 6, 2010
Testing these recipes would be a bit of a dream assignment for me - I just love oysters! Have to say I am partial to the grilled oysters with Sriracha lime butter because they seem juicier, plus who can say no to tart and spicy butter? Amanda, not only were you wearing oyster colors, you also had on oyster gems - pearl earrings!
JimHero February 7, 2010
Oh man, I got to try these, the sriracha lime oysters blew my mind!!!!!
Amanda H. February 8, 2010
Forgot about the pearls! And Jim, yes, do try them!
Amanda H. February 8, 2010
James -- later realized you're JimHero. Funny.
JimHero February 8, 2010
My secret identity is ruined!
melissav February 5, 2010
Sorry about the lime juice "coronary." When I was creating the recipe, I forgot to take the butter out to soften so I threw it in the microwave and accidentally melted it. I went ahead and threw all the ingredients in and put it in the freezer to set up. When writing up the recipe, I thought it would save some time to just soften the butter instead of melting it. I never imagined the lime wouldn't incorporate but I like your solution!
Amanda H. February 5, 2010
Aha! Now it all makes sense. Thanks.
mrslarkin February 5, 2010
Another great video. A screwdriver?! That is brilliant.Thanks for the tip, James.
Amanda H. February 5, 2010
Also not as sharp as a shucker.
Merrill S. February 6, 2010
And you can't tighten a hinge or hang a curtain rod with an oyster shucker...
Rhonda35 February 6, 2010
well...if JAMES is the oyster shucker, you could probably get a lot of handy work done around the house - plus have a little eye candy to go with it!
JimHero February 7, 2010
There's a lot of tools one can find around the house that can help with cooking! Glad I could help with the oysters though!
mcaron February 5, 2010
yummy oysters....let's have more of James too!
a Cute Cape Codder
Amanda H. February 5, 2010
Yes, James is usually behind the camera but we might have to bring him back in front!
AntoniaJames February 5, 2010
This is so interesting, and helpful too!
Amanda H. February 5, 2010
Glad it was -- oyster week has made me want to cook with them more often.