6 Unlikely Pumpkin Carving Tools

October 22, 2012

Pumpkin carving is always on the agenda in October. We recently spent some time with professional pumpkin carvers and learned all kinds of neat tricks. We've rounded up six of their go-to pumpkin carving tools for you so can make pumpkins that look like this: 


Happy pumpkin carving! 

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Washable Markers

We've all drawn our jack-o-lantern faces with sharpies, and then we've all struggled to carve perfectly along the lines. Using washable markers solves all of our problems -- missed a line? No big deal, wipe it off. 

Clay Loops

Have you ever seen clay loops outside of art class? These things work wonders on a pumpkin. 

Thai Fruit Carving Knives

A tool you've probably never considered: Thai fruit carving knives. Those narrow and flexible blades are perfect for small details you never thought were possible. 

Linoleum Cutters

Linoleum cutters aren't something we've ever considered for pumpkin carving, but they allow you to have much more control of your design. And who doesn't want that? 

Melon Baller

Want your pumpkin to have cool eyes like these? Make use of your melon baller


Apple Corer


If you don't feel like carving crazy faces, you could still make an impressive pumpkin lantern by using an apple corer to make polka-dots. Go wild!

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