Test Kitchen Top 3: After the Storm

November  1, 2012

We were some of the lucky ones: only a few Food52 staffers lost power (and were taken in by generous coworkers!), and we're all safe, sound, and fed after Sandy whipped through New York. The storm had kept us out of the office -- and out of the test kitchen -- until Wednesday, when we all found our way to Amanda's kitchen, be it by foot or by bus. Our dedicated staff fought off vicious taxi stealers in Williamsburg, hauled grocery bags in Fresh Direct's absence, and cooked up our own (delicious) storm in Brooklyn. Check out how we got back into the kitchen after Frankenstorm, and remember to follow us on Instagram @Food52 for more behind-the-scenes action.


1. Let there be light! Kristen, our fearless Senior Editor, enjoyed electricity after losing power at her own apartment, and James, our faithful photographer, came back (with his big light!) after a few weeks away. It was a bright morning in the test kitchen, indeed.

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2. What did you do with all your hurricane-induced free time? Did you play board games? Watch an entire season of Downton Abbey? Well, Amanda scrubbed ten years off of her copper pots. We were all impressed, taking a few minutes to ooh and ahh over them before proceeding to dirty them up once more. (Pssst...want to start your own collection? We've got vintage copper pots and pans in our shop right now.)


3. On Halloween, the show must go on. An unprecedented weather system wasn't about to get in the way of the twins' Halloween plans. Walker impressed us with his praying mantis costume while Addie, dressed as a de-light-ful firefly, enjoyed a pre-trick-or-treating snack of cured meats. We didn't know that Jamón Serrano was part of a firefly's diet, but hey -- you learn something new every day. 

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Marian Bull

Written by: Marian Bull


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