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Test Kitchen Top 3: A Few of Our Favorite Things

November 28, 2012

One of the things that unites us -- both the Food52 team and our passionate online community -- is our love for cooking. Our days in the test kitchen, then, are a treat. They can be stressful, yes, but it's still a joy to have multiple cooks moving through the kitchen, chopping and tasting and sharing throughout the day. This week, we're celebrating some of our favorite things in the test kitchen through the ever-expressive medium of Instagram


1. Cocktails in the morning. Even if nobody drinks them, they're fun, especially when served in Amanda's beautiful glasses.

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2. The tiniest gourds. We're suckers for adorable produce. Amanda set her Thanksgiving table with a miniature acorn squash on each plate; file that under "things to do next year."


3. Organization. The test kitchen can get messy at times, and cleanup is always a team effort. This week, the project of sorting through Amanda's pantry was in full effect. It's one of the most satisfying test kitchen jobs: labeling, stacking, and sorting is strangely calming.

What are some of your favorite food-related things? Share them with us and contribute to this year's Food52 '52'!

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Marian Bull

Written by: Marian Bull