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8 Stocking Stuffers

December  5, 2012

Gift-giving season is here. Time to rack your brain about what to get for, oh, everyone. Feel like you need help with that? We've got you covered with our Holiday Gift Guide. But what about stocking stuffers? Here, we've rounded up eight small gifts that just happen to fit inside a stocking (and we'd be happy to find any one of them in ours). 

Brass Tops

Bet you haven't thought about spinning tops in a while. They're a fun little distraction, even for grown ups -- and when they're this pretty, you'll want to keep them on display. 

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Another fun gift for kids and adults alike -- Dominos! Adults will like the neat and tidy packaging, and kids will like lining them up and knocking them down. 

Jacobsen Salt

A pocket-sized pinch tin of flaky sea salt, need we say more? 


Give someone their new favorite mug this winter, because everyone likes curling up with a warm drink. 

Kusmi Tea

And speaking of warm drinks, if you know any tea enthusiasts, a tin of Kusmi is a nice treat. We'll leave choosing a flavor to you.  


Who couldn't use a nice new pen? No one, really. We think anyone would be happy to receive one of these bright and sleek Japanese-designed pens


With a pen should come a notebook. Even in this day and age, nothing beats pen and paper for note-taking and list-making. 

Bicycle Bell

For anyone you know who rides a bike, a brass bicycle bell is useful and fun. 

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Marian B. December 5, 2012
That white mug is officially on my Christmas list. Gorgeous!