Test Kitchen Top 3: A Full House

December  5, 2012

As New Yorkers, we're used to tight spaces: cramped subway cars, nonexistent closets, small kitchens. So we were more than happy to welcome two extra Food52 staffers to the test Kitchen today: Michael and Merrill's baby, Clara. Space was a bit tighter than usual, but we welcomed the crowd. The more, the merrier! Plus, we're always looking for more people to feed with our test kitchen recipes. See this week's highlights below, and be sure to follow us on Instagram for more! 

1. A full kitchen is a happy kitchen. At least, ours is. Things got crowded with extra bodies, but it simply added to the fun. We immediately put Michael to work grinding coffee beans. Consider it test kitchen initiation.


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2. Baby Clara came to visit! The tiniest member of the Food52 family stopped by today to show off her crawling skills, eat some food, and generally amaze us with her cuteness. Look at those moves!


3. Addie and Walker joined the party. The twins came home just in time to join in on the fun; here's Addie helping the team photograph a bowl of punch. After learning that only grownups can drink punch because of its booziness, she wondered aloud, "Why can't they just make punch without alcohol in it so everyone can drink it?" Sounds like a great contest idea to us, Addie.


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Marian Bull

Written by: Marian Bull