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December 31, 2012

A new year means a fresh start. Time to spruce things up. What better way to start a new year of cooking adventures than to tidy up your kitchen? We've gathered some of our test kitchen staples, the things we couldn't function without, to help you get your kitchens nice and neat. 

Our spice drawer is a dream thanks to the perfect storage tins. The clear tops let us see what's inside, so we know when it's time to re-order. 

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Our utensil drawer is always orderly because we have modular containers to fit everything. 

We keep the knives, spreaders, and zesters we use most on a Ruhlman knife grabber

Bulk dry goods are always moved into food-safe containers

A few of us recently picked up some of these lovely enamelware canisters for countertop storage. 

Almost everything in this kitchen gets labeled with a wet-erase marker. Spices, grains, leftovers, you name it. 

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It's here: Our game-changing guide to everyone's favorite room in the house. Your Do-Anything Kitchen gathers the smartest ideas and savviest tricks—from our community, test kitchen, and cooks we love—to help transform your space into its best self.

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    Josh Rogerson
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    Amanda Hesser
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Barbie February 8, 2014
Hopefully the knife rack isn't on a wall with no counter below it. (knives falling on floor comment) but rather on a wall with a counter below knives. The knives should be faced down and away from human hands.
Josh R. January 1, 2013
Where do you order your spices from??
irinaleibo December 31, 2012
I had my knives on a knife holder as shown and Maya Lin came to my apt and saw it and said they should be pointed down for proper feng shui. Never see them displayed that way.
Amanda H. December 31, 2012
Interesting, and thanks for letting us know. The conventional wisdom is to keep the knives pointed upward so in case the knife falls off the knife holder, the tip won't be damaged.